Wolf & Moon is a handmade jewellery brand by British designer, Hannah Davis. Our jewellery is inspired by nature, architecture, art and design and we make wearable jewellery, from eye-catching statement pieces to elevated, everyday essentials.

Our jewellery is all lovingly handmade by a small team of makers in our London studio located in the wonderful Florentia Clothing Village, a like-minded community of creative artists and businesses.

We love to celebrate and showcase other small businesses and causes we care about in our journal.

Sneak peeks from the studio, first hand looks at new designs and much more can be found on our Instagram, @wolfandmoonshop.

Meet Hannah

I’m Hannah, designer and founder of Wolf & Moon. I discovered my passion for making jewellery when I was 16, exploring mixed materials, colours, textures and geometric forms. I love creating high quality, original, statement pieces that are a joy to wear and allow others to express themselves through their personal style.

W&M began in 2009 whilst I was studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University. I started selling my designs at weekend markets and craft fairs in London, and in 2011, launched the brand online. We now have many wonderful stockists around the world.

Over the last decade, my business has grown organically from my bedroom to a fully functioning studio/workshop. It’s a dream come true to work alongside such an incredible team everyday and I’m really proud of the positive environment we’ve fostered together.

One of my other creative passions is photography so I enjoy styling and shooting all our collections myself.

Our Ethos

Each piece of jewellery is handmade in our London studio, so you can be sure you are buying a product that has been made with care, whilst supporting independent British design.

Our staff love what they do and we believe this is reflected in the quality of our jewellery.

We have a relaxed, informal working environment and everyone is paid above the London Living Wage. We never hire unpaid interns.


It is important to us that we are as environmentally responsible as possible. At our London studio, we run completely on renewable energy. We’re also working with Ecologi to offset our team's carbon emissions by funding reforestation and carbon offsetting projects. To encourage slower consumption, we offer a repairs service.

We routinely work with charities such as Mermaids to give back to the community and support causes we care about.

Click here to read more in depth about our actions towards social and environmental sustainability.

Meet The Team

  • Hannah

    Designer & Founder


    Outside of W&M... You'll find me dancing to music, making ceramics, on a hiking trip or taking too many pictures of my cat, Luna.

    I'd describe my personal style as... Art mom meets both Daphne & Velma Scooby Doo.

    Tea or coffee? Earl grey with a splash of oat milk please!

  • Kat

    Sales & Ecommerce Manager


    My star sign is... A very classic Aries - optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic!

    I spend my time outside of W&M... Decorating & listening to podcasts

    Tea or coffee? I'm all about the herbal tea these days!

  • Sophie

    Studio & Production Manager


    My star sign is... Pisces through and through - emotional and indecisive!

    I got my creative start... My parents have always been really supportive of my creativity, they sent me to a very art focused primary school and weekly art classes. I feel really lucky to have had their encouragement, especially steering me away from academics when I was deciding on my A Levels!

    Tea or coffee? I start every day with a coffee followed by any caffeinated drink I can get my hands on!

  • Seyda

    Marketing Manager


    Outside of W&M... Reading, baking and dinner parties that end with chamomile tea.

    I'd describe my personal style as... Mediterranean grandma meets comfy athleisure.

    I got my creative start... Writing a travel blog and photography!

  • Elisha



    My star sign is... I’m a Gemini! There’s a lot of fellow gems at WAM… We are sociable and always ready for fun!

    I'd describe my personal style as... I love a bit of cottage core in the summer!

    I got my creative start... In my final year of uni, making my own material from shampoo bottles and other recycled plastic to make jewellery!  

  • Laura

    Fulfilment Co-ordinator


    I'd describe my personal style as... Converse go with everything!

    Outside of W&M... Trying to keep my plants alive.

    Tea or coffee? Tea please, milk no sugar!  

  • Kara

    Customer Service & Fulfilment Assistant


    Outside of W&M... I love to draw, go for strolls around the park, search for the best cafes to read a book and eat a sweet treat, and finish the day making a lush roast dinner!

    I'd describe my personal style as... Usually comfortable and cosy, but always with a pop of colour!

    Tea or coffee? Yorkshire tea with oat milk please!

  • Amy

    Production Team Leader


    I'd describe my personal style as... Charity Shop Sue meets the perfect black hoodie.

    Outside of W&M... I try and spend as much time as possible going on minibreaks!

    Tea or coffee? A perfect brew made by Bella x

  • Emily

    Production Supervisor


    My star sign is... I am a Leo which means I often don’t realise the volume of my own voice!

    I'd describe my personal style as... Everyone’s favourite art teacher.

    I got my creative start... As a child making cakes with wayyyy too much icing

  • Annick

    Senior Maker


    My star sign is... Taurus. Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable.. I don't like insecurity. I love working with my hands.. I love high quality beautiful things and good food!

    Where I got my creative start... My mum.

    Tea or coffee? Tea with two tea bags in an espresso size cup.

  • Holly

    Senior Maker


    Outside of W&M... With my dog! She’s my little angel and a true agent of chaos.

    I'd describe my personal style as... 12 year old boy meets East London queer.

    Tea or coffee? Iced oat latte all year round!

  • Bella

    Senior Maker


    My star sign is... Libra and I can’t make any decisions!

    I'd describe my personal style as... Neutral tones with a hint of drama!

    Tea or coffee? Tea - all day every day!!

  • Ali

    Materials Technician


    I got my creative start... At uni in the letterpress workshop, obsessed with everything ink & type!

    Outside of W&M... Reading fiction, relief printing, life drawing and eating!

    My star sign is... Cancer, the one and only on the team!

  • Shauna

    Maker & Materials Assistant


    My star sign is... Aquarius

    I'd describe my personal style as... All black with a pop of colour and full face, whether I’m going to the corner shop or out out!

    Tea or coffee? Tea forever!

  • Nomera



    Outside of W&M... I love going for walks, sitting in a cafe reading a book, mooching around exhibitions or spending quality time surrounded by friends.

    I got my creative start... From my mum, learning embroidery techniques from my traditional roots.

    Tea or coffee? Coffee and herbal teas

  • Faye



    I'd describe my personal style as... baggy and comfortable

    I got my creative start... From my nan, I grew up watching her crochet her cushions.

    Outside of W&M.. Reading mangas, drying flowers, and eating my stash of snacks.