Sustainability is something we’re constantly working on to improve in all aspects of our business. From designing with low waste and recycled materials, to our repairs service, we are committed to improving our impact. Read on to find out more about our current impact and how we’re making positive eco and social changes.


We source our packaging from companies who are invested in sustainable practices, and aim to reduce our environmental impact on customers. All of our packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable, except for the foam insert in one size of our gift boxes.

We encourage you to use our packaging to store your jewellery and keep it protected. Within each order, we include a printed paper wrap (made from recycled paper with eco-friendly inks) which not only looks great, but is perfect for reusing as gift wrap.

All paper derived pieces are also biodegradable, however we encourage you to put them in recycling so the material is correctly processed and given another life.

Our Studio

As a small, independent business, we design and make all of our products in-house, and our north London studio houses all of our processes, from preparing and laser-cutting materials, to running the website and packing up your orders, we do it all in one big room!

We put effort into making our working environment as positive as we can, starting with our resource use. Our studio runs on 100% renewable energy, and by partnering with Ecologi, we’re able to offset each of our team member’s carbon emissions by funding reforestation and other carbon offsetting projects.

For our office supplies, we use a refill system for all our cleaning supplies and sanitisers to reduce our plastic waste, and we buy from brands with a good ethos. Even our toilet paper is made from recycled paper, and it also donates to sanitation projects!

Our sustainability team is working on creating an environment within the studio that makes sustainability easy to digest, accessible, and fun. Things like our plastic free tuck shop are ways that we’re making small, sustainable swaps!


Materials innovation is at the heart of our design process and with every new product we are creating more sustainable practices. Currently we use acrylic and a few other materials which aren’t 100% eco-friendly, however we are working hard to minimise the impact of this by making sure our jewellery is designed to last and we are responsible with any waste.

We have recently increased our usage of recycled acrylic by developing and investing in our own closed-loop system to recycle all our acrylic offcuts into a wonderful new sheet material. For the last few years we have saved all our acrylic offcuts which we can now recycle in this way. Any offcuts we cannot reuse, we donate to local artists and makers. Learn more about the recycled acrylic process with @offcutstudio.

We only use FSC certified wood, and recycle our wood scraps which are made into products such as chipboard and garden mulch. Any wood not suitable for recycling is sent to biomass for energy recovery. We also collect our waste metal and send it off for recycling, and all our empty spray cans are also collected by specialists who can recycle them.

Our Mother of Pearl is sustainably sourced and hand-graded by local shell farmers in New Zealand. We have also been saving the offcuts of this too for future projects.

Our Jesmonite is a more environmentally sound alternative to resin, emitting no toxic fumes. It can also be broken down and reused, unlike traditional resin. We ensure to not wash any jesmonite down the drain, which can contaminate water systems, and instead leave the remaining mixture to dry which we then break down and use for chips in our designs.

Social Impact

We are passionate about supporting organisations dear to our team. Previously we have worked with charities including Coppafeel!, Mermaids, Choose Love, British Red Cross, Black Minds Matter, Refuge, Fareshare, UK Black Pride and North London Action For The Homeless.

You can support some of these wonderful organisations through purchasing a piece from our Rainbow Heart pieces or Doves collection.