Introducing the Daffodils

Introducing the Daffodils | Handmade Jewellery by Independent brand Wolf & Moon

If you're familiar with our other Garden pieces, you'll now that the collection is inspired by colourful flowers and fruit found in a wild garden. Since the beginning of 2021 , the sight of the gorgeously yellow daffodils became a highlight of our lockdown walks.

We love their sunny colour, unique and intricate shape and they're synonymity with spring, a sign of newness and fresh starts!

Within this collection, there's something for everyone: larger pieces like the Daffodil Statement Earrings, smaller everyday pieces like the Daffodil Studs, fun new additions in the form of our first Collar Pins as well as clip-on variations of two styles.

Working with sustainable materials is something we feel passionate about, so we've designed the daffodils using 100% recycled acrylic for the yellow petals.

We're excited to be using a few new components within this collection, including our new drop shaped Czech glass pearls. These add to the romantic feel of the jewellery and to add something special to elevate your everyday look.

We've also introduced new 14k gold filled hoops, which are a little different from our previous ones - they're visibly chunkier which we love. They also have a different clasp, making them super comfortable and easy to put on!

For a full look at all the pieces, watch the video below, where Hannah tries on and shows off each of the pieces!

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