This Week's Discoveries

Some of the things we've been inspired by this week, including where we'll be heading this weekend... 

Kristina Krogh

Danish Designer and artist Kristina Krogh is working with geometric and organic shapes, patterns and tactile surfaces, in order to make work that is an invitation to observe the world through shape, colour and surface. We're super excited about her Stair Mirror launching next year

Nadine Ijewere

South London Photographer Nadine Ijewere takes beautiful photographs championing diversity and exploration of representation, and the intersections between identity, gender, and sexuality. We're super fond of her personal project Same//Difference, looking at siblings capturing the similarities and differences. 


May Morris: Art & Life

We've been to see the exhibition of May Morris at the William Morris Gallery, currently on until the 18th of January. Exploring the life and work of May Morris, it's the most comprehensive survey of May's work to date. Often overshadowed by her father, we really enjoyed this exhibition as we got to get deeply involved with her work, spanning from wallpaper and embroidery alongside jewellery, dresses and book designs, together with sketches and watercolours. The gallery also has a lovely garden making this an ideal Sunday activity. 


Velvet Socks

We stumbled across these lovely velvet socks over at The Cool Hunter and now we don't want to wear anything else... 


Rebecca Louise Law: Life in Death

Dried and preserved over a six year period, Rebecca Louise Law showcases her personal collection of plants and flowers in the exhibition Life in Death, at Kew Gardens. This large-scale artwork investigates our relationship with flowers and plants and how they are used, particularly through rituals. As true flower power girls, we can't wait to see this exhibition!