Jewellery Gift Guide: Aries

March 21st marks the start of the Aries dates in the astrological calendar, which might mean nothing to you, but if you’re clued up you’ll know that Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, a good place for us to begin our star sign series.

Born trailblazers, Aries are independent and forthright, and won't be doing anything just because it’s trendy. We love that, but it means they can often be difficult to buy for. To help you find the right jewellery for them this year, we've used the common characteristics of the Aries sign to inspire some gift ideas from our current collection.

It's all about the colours

We’re starting with the basics, colour. According to a reliable source, the main colours of the Aries sign are red and mustard. We’re big fans of these strong shades, and they’re great to wear all year round too!

We don't have much mustard, so we're running with red. Our first offering is one of our newest pieces - the Bettie Hoops. These are limited edition, so are perfect for gifting a loved one and goes back to the fact that Aries love to be one of a kind. Part of our Waste-Not collection, they are made from repurposed materials too, catering to Aries’ wide-open view of the world and keenness to make it a better place.

Get your hands on one of the last few pieces if this has inspired you!

A sure fire way to get the perfect gift

Next is the Carlotta Hair Clip in Orange. Although, not red or mustard, the range of orange tones are akin to flames which leads us back to Aries being a fire sign - we’re clutching at straws here we know!
In addition to being resemblant of fire, we had to get a hair clip in here because Aries are notorious adventure seekers. They may need hair out of the way for a spontaneous dance party, stroll off the beaten track or obscure creative outlet. And to do this all while looking super chic is a winning gift.

Earrings to help them steal the show

A common trait of Aries is being a big presence in any room they’re in. For that reason, we think our Celestial Earrings would be a good fit. They’re whimsical, unique and eye-catching, and even though they’re large in size, they're lightweight enough to wear throughout the day!

A stand out piece for a stand out person! Clip-on versions are available too.

They'll be winning with this 2-in-1

One of the most prominent characteristics of Aries is competitiveness, stemming from being the first sign in the zodiac calendar. They love a bit of praise (don't we all), and are keen to learn new things.

Our Make at Home Kits are a wonderful gift, as they'll allow Aries to show off their skills. Let them get creative (this is a great way to redirect energy too). Known for being loyal and committed to a project, they’ll love getting stuck into this.

Spontaneity never looked so good

We mentioned that Aries are often spontaneous and impulsive. This means that they love having choices. Now, you don’t necessarily want to be buying them a handful of different things, but with the Set of 5 Fruit Hoops you're covered.

Aries is able to mix and match fruity pendants, depending on their mood, perfect for moments of indecisiveness.

The gift that keeps on giving

One of the wonderful things about Aries is their generosity - and you can play with that. By gifting them a piece from our Watermelon collection, the celebration of their birth will donate to U.K. charity CoppaFeel! (£5 per item sold), a wonderful organisation raising awareness of the early signs and diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

Make sure you let them know that they've helped fundraise for a great cause and you'll receive some extra friendship points. Head over here for more info on CoppaFeel!

Party Playlist

To go alongside their vaguely themed Aries jewellery, why not make them a playlist? The modern version of a mix cd is a wonderfully personal way to show you care!  

We did some research into Aries musicians and there was one common theme...Disco Divas. So we’re sticking with that, with a few of our other Aries faves thrown in there too!

Head back next month for our Taurus gift ideas.