15 Sustainable Brands To Help You Shop More Consciously - Part I

Sustainable shopping can be a tricky thing. But we've curated a list of brands that are committed to having the least impact possible on the environment without compromising on style to help you find places to shop consciously from.

Whether they're using recycled materials, clean energy, no chemicals, or all of the above, these brands are a great place to do some eco-conscious shopping when you're on the look out for something new.

OHOY Swim - Scandinavian swimwear made from regenerated fabrics

Using 100% ECONYL (yarn made from discarded nylon such as fishing nets) this swimwear brand celebrates and encourages enjoying the sea, as well as saving it from litter. Their pieces are built to last and are tested in real life scenarios to ensure this.

Trace Collective - clothing designed with a long term life cycle in mind

Trace Collective believe in quality over quantity, which means that they make garments that are built to last. Using regenerative fabrics, reducing their carbon footprint, water and energy use, the company creates items that have had minimal impact on the environment, but also encourages conscious thinking within their care information to reduce impact once the item arrives with the customer.

10 Sustainable Brands To Help You Shop More Consciously - Part I

For Days - a closed loop company allowing you to recycle old and buy new with minimal environmental impact

To reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill, For Days have created a closed loop process that gives you new products in return for old ones. Every item that gets returned is recycled into a new garment, no matter the state it arrives in. Allowing you to take the guesswork out of where your products really end up after donating them. All their items are made from sustainable materials and come with recycled and recyclable packaging.

Earth Toned Collective - bold style made sustainably

Earth Tones Collective are a womenswear brand committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Using eco-friendly and deadstock materials, as well as organic cotton and non-toxic dyes, they create colourful garments with bold silhouettes.

Story MFG - combining fashion and environmental activism

Focussing on creating positive outcomes in every section of their business, Story MFG are committed to creating positive impact over zero impact. The garments they create do not use harsh chemicals and are made using biodegradable materials, so once decomposed, with be nutrient rich rather than damaging. They also focus on regenerative agriculture, using their sourcing processes and waste to fertilise.

Rave Review Clothes - high fashion garments made from upcycled items

Founded in 2017, Rave Review pairs innovative Scandi design with a sustainable stance. By using surplus fabric and old garments, the Stockholm based fashion brand creates new products that are completely one-off. With a knack for mixing and matching fabrics, they are making waves in high fashion proving that sustainable fashion can be trends.

Back Beat Co. - California-cool basics with a focus on ethical and social responsibility at every level

Using 'low impact' materials that are either recycled or sustainably farmed (including Hemp and Tencel) Back Beat Co. are making staple items like dresses, dungarees, jackets and trousers in playful colours. Encouraging a laid back, slower lifestyle, the brand prioritise comfort and simplicity.

Fruity Booty Underwear - lingerie made using surplus fabric

With aims to ban use of all virgin plastics from 2021 as well as implementing processes of natural dyeing, Fruity Booty currently uses surplus fabric and locally sourced materials to make a range of underwear and nightwear. Their lingerie designs are sewn by a small team of skilled workers in Portugal, with larger garments being made in the UK.

Gemma Marie the Label - dresses made using deadstock fabric

Using only ethically sourced deadstock fabric, Gemma Marie the Label makes made to order, made to measure dresses that promotes a ;move away from fast fashion. All pieces are limited availability and made by Gemma herself meaning very little waste, and a completely unique product.  

VEJA - trainers made using organic, fair trade materials

Veja have been at the forefront of ethical and sustainable footwear since 2005. With an focus on the use of innovative materials including vegan leather, recycled cotton and rubber that funds forest conservation. They take pride in working directly with farmers specifically in South America and have removed toxic or polluting chemicals from their production.

Warp + Weft - sustainable and affordable denim in inclusive sizes

This family owned business is committed to reducing the amount of resources used to make jeans, using only 10 gallons of water rather than the industry standard 1,500 gallons. They also use natural bleaching processes to reduce chemical use as well as offering sizes 0-24 so you can find your perfect fit and treasure your garment forever.

Wasi Clothing - handmade clothing and accessories inspired by Bolivian culture

Wasi Clothing is based in California and celebrates founder Vanessa Acosta's Bolivan roots. With a focus on the idea of 'home', this independent business puts effort into sustainably and ethically made items, with an effort to build a company that promotes diversity within the fashion industry.

Farewell Frances - handmade and custom quilted jackets

Based just north of New York City, founder and designer Carly Scheck designs and makes vintage inspired quilts in her home. Making adult garments and quilted jackets for both adults and children, Farewell Frances also allows you to customise your purchase by choosing your quilt and your style of coat. All pieces are made using upcycled materials, and embrace the worn in look and feel of the fabric.

Grey Milk - handmade garments made to order in Manchester

Because each product is made to order, Grey Milk, designed and made by founder Gwen, creates no waste. All items are cruelty free, natural and ethically made, using water efficient and non-toxic dyeing processes and recyclable and biodegradable packaging, often made utilising fabric scraps.

Muku - slow fashion brand from Lithuania using only natural materials

With a speciality of Lithuanian linen (made in one of Europe's oldest mills), Muku focus on the natural qualities and characteristics of the fabric, designing and hand-making each item to be comfortable and high quality. They create classic items based on form rather than fashion.

Keep an eye out for a part two of this blog!