10 Tips for a more Eco-friendly Wedding/Civil Partnership

The season for tying the knot is upon us, and we've rounded some up some ways that you can make small steps to make your day of celebration a little less harmful on the environment. From biodegradable and edible decorations to jewellery you'll wear for years to come and fun favours for your guests.

1. Give your invites a new life

Before the big day, there’s lots to get done, but getting the word out that it’s happening is a key step!

A great way to make your invites a little more green is using seeded paper. Laced with seeds, when disposed of they bury and grow wildflowers. This is great for guests who can plant your invite rather than keeping it in a drawer somewhere. They look beautiful too! We love the designs by Botanical Paperworks.

2. Flowers that last

Flowers are also a large part of the day. On the table, the bouquet and wherever you might want them. A top tip for a less wasteful flower arrangement is to go with potted plants for your centrepieces and aisle decoration. They’ll last a lot longer and can be gifted as party favours to get them off your hands at the end of the day. We love Patch for potted plants that are super high quality and delivered all across the UK.

3. Biodegradable Balloons

Decorations are a big part of the day, and if you’re a maximalist in everyday life, you’ll probably be wanting to go above and beyond here too! Balloons are a staple for any occasion; whether you're going for a colourful party vibe, an arch to create a focal point or a few subtle ones dotted around the room. But, balloons are not great for the environment. Thankfully now you can now get biodegradable ones like these from Eco Balloon, made from natural rubber.

4. An ethical outfit

Finding the perfect outfit is one of the struggles of planning your ceremony, and there are so many options. But whether you're going modern, boho, extravagant or stipend back, vintage is always a good way to go. It may take a while to find exactly what you’re looking for, but a second-hand piece with a few fit adjustments is the best way to keep your waste to a minimum.

If you can’t find a vintage piece that you love, prioritise natural, recycled and ethically sourced fabrics. We love the bespoke patterns from Paper to Lace, like the Faye Jumpsuit which uses polyester made from recycled water bottles.

5. Jewellery to last a lifetime

Jewellery for the happy couple and the party should be special, but we think it should be able to be worn well after the ceremony too! We’ve curated three bridal edits to help you find jewellery for your day, whether you’re tying the knot, are in the party, or are simply attending. From simple and modern, to more unique statement pieces. Our jewellery is beautifully handcrafted to last a lifetime.

6. Nature’s confetti

Who doesn't love confetti? Instead of getting the plastic glittery stuff, or even the coloured paper why not go for completely natural confetti. The petals from The Real Flower Confetti Co. are carefully gown, hand picked and naturally dried to make sure they’re of the highest quality.

7. Decorations good enough to eat

Edible decorations? Yes please! What better way to dispose of decorations than to eat them. To save on clutter and waste, these personalised cookies from The Kitsch Hen are a super fun alternative to paper, wood or plastic place settings. You can also send them out as favours or thank you notes post-party. These ones also come wrapped in biodegradable cellophane!

8. Vintage Tableware

Occasion tableware is an easy way to make a conscious choice, by hiring your plates and cutlery. We love the look of slightly mismatched vintage crockery, but you can also hire sets that have a more minimal and matchy feel. We love these dainty fine china pieces from Harriet’s Table, all curated by owner Ellen and sourced in the UK over many years. We also love the idea of knowing that these have been used for many other celebrations before too!

9. Go Vegan!

,By now, we all know that switching to a vegan lifestyle is great for the environment, so it’s a great choice here because you can easily cater for lots of different diets. There's so many new and exciting options , from a modern vegan roast to street food or buffet style, going plant based is great to cater for more people and to be kinder to the environment. Source local product if you can too!

10. A slice of wedding cake for everyone

Going vegan is great for the planet, but also choosing local and organic ingredients is a way you can keep it a little more climate conscious. These gorgeous cakes from from The Organic Cakery caught our eye and have vegan and gluten free options, as well as being beautiful!

Alternatively, try a selection of smaller cakes for a less traditional dessert! We're obsessed with London based Cross Town Donuts, seen here at Hannah's wedding in 2019! They have lots of unique flavours and vegan options.

Wedding Edit | Alternative bridal jewellery 
Handmade in the UK by Wolf & Moon
Wedding Edit | Alternative bridal jewellery 
Handmade in the UK by Wolf & Moon

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