This Week's Discoveries

Each week we publish a small selection of wonderful things that our team have found, experienced or been inspired by during the week...

Jens Fänge

Last weekend in Stockholm, a member of our team had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful exhibition, by Swedish artist Jens Fänge at Bonniers Konsthall. Working with painting and assemblage, he's using shapes, perspective and layers to create dreamlike and slightly surreal environments. By continuesly using similar shapes, figures and characters, it enhances the feeling of witnessing a dream.  

Bianchini-Férier at Arket

Images via Arket

Arket has just launched a mini-collection, with a lovely floral pattern originally designed Bianchini-Férier in 1973. Bianchini-Férier is the longest running silk mill in Europe, dating all the way back to 1888. The collection is made from habotai silk, a lightweight, soft silk traditionally used in kimonos. It's slightly shimmery and drapes softly, absorbing moisture which making it into ideal warm-weather material. So pretty!

39 Noons

This week we went to the opening of the exhibition 39 Noons by Bastian Birk Thuesen, at the Danish Embassy. 39 Noons  is the result of an effort to photograph the sun as the earth moves around it during one day. To accomplish this, Bastian Birk Thuesen got in touch with people from all 39 different time zones and asked them all to take a picture at noon on the 26th of February 2017. In some timezones people forgot to take an image, or Bastian couldn't get in touch with anyone in the first place (due to political reasons), this is replaced with the correspondence to these people.

Alexis Christodoulou

Images via Lairbus

Inspired by some of our favourite architects, such as Le Corbusier and Ricardo Bofill, Alexis Christodoulou creates beautiful renderings of dreamlike architectural spaces. Tiles, arches, alcoves, pools and lots of draping, all in delicate pastel colours, makes this our dreamiest Instagram at the moment.