This Week's Discoveries

Christian Newby

We've had the eyes on Christian Newby since we first discovered the work he's done for organic beauty label Austin Austin (which we are super excited to have available in our shop!) . Born in America, he's based between London and Madrid, and is currently attending the Matadero Madrid El Ranchito Residency exchange between Madrid and Lagos.

His work span across fabric, carpet, screen printed photographs and watercolour and he is using decorative techniques such as marbling, textile pattern, pillar painting & collage. You can see more of his work here and check out his Instagram here


Duvet Days 

Through their Instagram filled with beautiful illustrations, we discovered Duvet Days. Founder Jenna Wiebe was exposed to rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse and decided to start Duvet Days to help raise awareness around these issues. With the help of design and illustrations, Duvet Days are working to create awareness, self-discovery and a space for self-love. See more of their work here




Lido is the name of independent Italian swimwear, referring to an island in Venice, one if Europe's first sea bathing facilities. Through a modern eye, they are working to reinvent functional, contemporary beachwear. We're in love, take us to the beach now! 




We've found the dream holiday (and design!) home - NEWHAUS, designed by Berlin based architect practice Herbert Hussmann. Located just over three hours from Berlin, outside the town centre of Dierhagen, NEWHAUS is  nestled amongst idyllic pine forests and dunes, offering two holiday homes up for rent. Filled with design classics from Vitra, Hans J. Wegner and art from contemporary German artists such as Franziska Holstein and Adrian Sauer - we just want to grab our favourite people and spend a week with them here.