Best Of TWD

This week is a bumper edition of the blog where we've collected together the best of the new discoveries by the Wolf & Moon team from the last few months covering art, food, fashion, beauty and culture. Enjoy! 


Werka - Nude Coffee Roasters

This week we discovered a delicious Ethiopian filter coffee from Nude Coffee Roasters. With juicy peach, citrus fruit and delicate spice notes, WERKA is the only thing we want to drink at the moment! Nude Coffee Roasters is an East London based roaster, just down the road from us, working closely with farmers as well as using the most eco-friendly roaster available. 



American beauty brand Glossier are finally shipping to the UK! Celebrating real girls, in real life, Glossier describes itself as a new way of thinking of beauty products. "Beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal. Above all, we believe that you give life to products-products don’t breathe life into you". Hooray! 


Another Thought

Caroline Walls  is an Australian artist working across a number of media, including painting, drawing, soft sculpture, and printmaking. We are particularly fond of Another Thought, a series of fifteen paintings exploring the female body, the forms and the construction of self and identity, portrayed in a semi-abstract way.


Agnes Lloyd Platt

Agnes Lloyd-Platt is a London based photographer, focusing on colour and positivity on every spectrum. We want to live in her Instagram


Den Holm: Steven John Clark

We've just discovered Melbourne based sculptor Steven John Clark and we're completely obsessed with his everything he does. With a strong focus on texture and form, his designs are free from restrictions and merge traditional craftsmanship in stone carvery with the experimental nature of textile and embroidery. 


Slowdown Studio

Slowdown Studio is the creative project of Marc Hendrick, a project where he collaborates with his favourite illustrators and designers from around the world to create limited edition woven throws. Our personal favourite at the moment is the Hocko Throw, designed by Berlin-based artist Jonathan Niclaus


Little Duck - The Picklery

We're very excited about the opening of Little Duck - The Picklery, from the people behind Rawduck and Ducksoup. The Picklery will be a fermenting kitchen and eatery, where you'll be able to buy pickles and other fermented goods by the jar. If you want more than pickles you can attend their workshops to learn more about pickling or how to make your own drinking vinegar, or kombucha - everything fermented!


Days Are Dogs

French born Camille Henrot was offered the third carte blanche exhibition at Palais De Tokyo, and some of our team took the train over to Paris to have a look. They were completely amazed - not only was it brilliant aesthetically, but also thought-provoking. The exhibition questions the relationship between authority and fiction that determines our existence, and is organized around one of the most foundational structures in our lives – the week. In contrast to days, months and years (all based on nature) the week is a human invention, yet it has such a strong impact on our daily life. 


Alphabet Aerobics

These squidgy, almost toothpaste-looking sculptures from Anton Alvarez are just a dream.  We are also a big fan of his other works too, like the Inflatable Sauna


Velvet Socks

We stumbled across these lovely velvet socks over at The Cool Hunter and now we don't want to wear anything else... 


Kristina Krogh

Danish Designer and artist Kristina Krogh is working with geometric and organic shapes, patterns and tactile surfaces, in order to make work that is an invitation to observe the world through shape, colour and surface. We're super excited about her Stair Mirror launching next year


Austin Austin 

We're so excited about organic skin and haircare brand Austin Austin, run by father and daughter, Richard (who also started Kingfisher Natural Toothpaste) and Bessie Austin. All products are made in East Anglia, are only tested on people and made with 100% recycled packaging. 



Founded in 2012 by coastal enthusiast Dom Bridges, Haeckles is a natural skin and fragrance brand based in Margate. The small, high quality range of products use seaweed and other locally grown botanicals to promote Margates heritage of healthy coastal living. At WAM HQ we're pretty fond of Margate, and we always make sure to stop by Haeckles when we are around. Favourites at the moment is the Seaweed facial masque and the sea buckthorn cleanser, both reminding us of refreshing walks along the coast. 


SHOUT OUT TO THE GIRLS: A celebration of awesome Australian women 


Shout Out To The Girls is a new title from Penguin Books, which celebrates Australian women who have shaped our history through incredible achievements. The book is a celebration of women in all fields, from all walks of life, and from Australia’s past and present. Easy-to-read biographies together with colourful illustrations by female artists such as Astred Hicks and Evi O, is putting this book high up on our wish list. 


Flora Maclean

We've just discovered photographer Flora Maclean and her beautiful work, playing with light and pattern. Starting out documenting the culture of the oft-ignored female footballing community, her body of work is now spanning fashion, portraiture, documentary and still life. Some of our favourites are Tourist and Dress Up