Stay Home Discoveries: 17/09/21

We’re back!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted at Stay Home Discoveries. Since lockdown was lifted in the UK, we’ve been about and about doing all sorts of things, from festivals to staycations and everything in between.

But since we’re heading into Autumn here, we’re about to be getting real cosy, so we’ve listed some things we’re enjoying as we ease our way out of summer. Scroll down for our TV show and books recommendations as well as some things to do if you’re out in London.

If in lockdown 1.0 you didn’t watch or read Normal People, what else were you doing? Probably making banana bread or something. Anyway, whether you did or not, we’ve all moved on and so has Irish author Sally Rooney who this month released her newest novel and has already charting as 2021’s bestselling book. A must-read for millenials.

Image from NPR

It’s back! Nearly! Everyone’s fave, fabulous and fiery competition. With 12 new contestants and some superstar guest judges and cameos (Sir Elton John everyone), the season starting later this month is promising to be a banger.

We’re big fans of Munroe Bergdor there at W&M, as an patron of Mermaids, a charity that we work with. They are an activist and advocate for LGBTQ+ and minority ethnicity communities. In their new podcast, along with a different guest each episode, they discuss trauma and the journey of navigating life after it. The first episode stars singer Mabel.

Even though many (read: all) of us are way past our teen years, a little bit of uncomfortably nostalgic TV is often what keeps us grounded and reminded that adulthood is actually not that bad. Our favourite teen angst show Sex Education is back for its third season and Otis, Eric, Maeve and gang are up to more sexual shenanigans.

Image from Morning Picker

This new Netflix documentary shows the world behind the scenes of the friendship between two of the most prominent people in US modern history, discussing their shared history, the impact of black oppression on their careers and personal lives.

Image from Load TV

Led by Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson, this poignant podcast shares stories of assault, harassment and abuse from people from all over the world, creating a safe space to share experiences, humanising them and keeping safety at the forefront of our minds.

If you’re urging to get your sweat to the soundtrack to some dance music but are still not comfortable with being packed into a club with lots of other people, we’ve found a great alternative. Club Yoga. Sounds a bit strange, but the infamous London club Fabric is holding yoga classes. Get a serotonin boost, stretch out your WFH body and get your party fix, all at the same. Multitasking at its finest.

Image from Timeout

Born in 1929, photographer Jame Barnor’s images captured the social and political changes of his home country of Ghana between the 50s and 70s, as well as African experiences in London where he has resided since the 1990s. He’s had a six-decade career, covering everything from street, portrait and photo-journalistic images and even introducing colour processing to Ghana. This large exhibition of his work is on until October 24th.

Image from @serpentineuk