Meet Our New Favourite Everyday Hoops

In case you missed you it, our updated hoops are here!

Here are a quick five things you need to know about them:

  1. They're less fiddly. A super simple hinge to open and close the hoops makes easy to put on and comfortable.
  2. They're really high quality, even with everyday wear.
  3. They're chunkier - we love the new look!
  4. They can be worn on their own. Simply slide off the charms and store them safely whilst you wear your lone hoops.
  5. You can purchase all hoops as pendants only, to save you from doubling up if you're wanting to purchase more than 1 pair!

Read on to discover more about the different sizes and how to store your hoops.

Small but mighty

The smallest hoops we have are 19mm and they're super fun to play around with! We love these on their own if you're going for a more minimal look, but we especially love them for mixing and matching when you want the pendant to be the star of the show. That's why we put them on our fruit hoop sets.

Somewhere in the middle

Most of our hoops styles are on a 22mm hoop, our medium size. We love this size because its so versatile. These are perfect for layering as you can wear these alongside larger and smaller hoops! Our Raindrop Hoops are great for this as the simple mother of pearl pendant is a great counterpart to wear alongside other pieces. Each colourway is available in gold and silver.

Make a statement

The largest hoops we have are 29mm, as seen below on the Iris Drop Hoops. These are our favourites for creating a statement look. We love the movement they give, but also the security that they'll stay in comfortably all day, thanks to the easy to use, super secure hinge opening.

How to store your pendants

We send your hoops unassembled to avoid damage in transit, and this is how we would recommend you storing them too.

The pendants are super easy to slide on and off the hoops, so whether your rocking you're pendants, or wearing your hoops alone, you can easily switch between the two looks. When not wearing your pendants, store them away in the pouch provided in a dry place!

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