How we're educating ourselves on Black Lives Matter

In light of the current campaign and protests surrounding Black Lives Matter, Wolf & Moon have been taking time to educate ourselves on the race climate in the US and here in the UK. We've been looking for ways to gain better understanding, as well as how we can make an impact now and in the future, through both our brand and our personal lives.

We've curated a short list of resources that we found helpful in educating and inspiring us over the past week. Using our voice and elevating those who are often muted is something we want to maintain through our platform, and it's starting now.

Head to the bottom of the page for a list of places where you can donate directly. Organisations are currently taking donations to aid protestors as well as to fund long-term projects fighting racial injustice.

Engaging and educational podcasts to listen to...

Seeing White - In society today, race is frequently used to define and describe people, but this wasn’t always the case. Seeing White looks into the history of race as a concept and delves deep into US history and the movements that got us to where we are today.

About Race - From the author of ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’, this podcast focuses on race and culture in Britain in the last few decades, discussing immigration, tokenism and the media.

Have You Heard George’s Podcast - From UK poet and rapper George the Poet, through this podcast, George talks about his personal experience of being in London as a young black man, as well as topics surrounding disadvantaged youth, the relationship between his British and Ugandan cultures.

A few relevant articles and books to read...

Image from Good Reads

Image from Good Reads

The Good immigrant by Nikesh Shukla - Discussing the dialogue of being, or being perceived as, an immigrant in modern Britain, Shukla brings together 21 black, asian and minority perspectives to try and understand the UK’s distorted view of race.

The Intersectionality Wars by Jane Coaston - Intersectionality is a word that gets used a lot especially in conjunction with other concepts e.g. feminism. But do we actually understand what it means? This article helps explain the word, coined 30 years ago, and why it’s come to peak relevance now.

When They Call You A Terrorist - Patrisse Khan-Cullors and Asha Bandele - A memoir about the realities of being a black female in America from the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fighting the racism that killed George Floyd requires more than hashtags by Nesrine Malik - An insightful article from the Guardian explaining the importance of maintaining the conversation around not only the murder of George Floyd, but racial discrimination as a whole in the future.

Some activists to keep an eye on for inspiring content...

Image from @munroeburgdorf on Instagram

@munroeburgdorf - A familiar face to many, Munroe Bergdorf is a model and activist of the Black and LGBTQ+ community who openly shares her experiences working in the media industry.

@monachalabi - Mona Chalibi is multi-talented. Before becoming a journalist, writer, presenter and producer, she worked as a data analyst. This informs her beautifully illustrated infographics surrounding social issues which allow for less daunting consumption of important information.

@iamrachelricketts - Rachel Ricketts is a racial justice educator and spiritual activist, who offers educational talks and workshops on spiritual activism and grief, as well as open communication surrounding race and culture.

Something to watch...

Image from IMDb

Image from Collider

13th (Netflix) - This documentary looks at injustice within US law enforcement, centering on the wavering 13th amendment and how this so negatively impacts minority communities, especially black people more than others.

The First Black Man in San Francisco - recommended by Barack Obama himself, this film premiered at Sundance and received critical acclaim for its portrayal of a story of a black family displaced due to gentrification of their hometown.

Akala | Full Address and Q&A - Rapper poet and journalist Akala speaks to students of Oxford University about the history of race and discrimination.

Where we're donating...

Black Lives Matter (US) - A global organisation fighting to end state-sanctioned violence and eradicate white supremacy.

Bail Project (US) - providing bail assistance to low income individuals who are legally presumed innocent. This allowed people to return home to their families and communities while awaiting court dates. Directly helping many protestors who are being arrested at this time.

Resourcing Racial Justice (UK) - a new UK-based coalition of POC innovators, change makers, activists, artists and social leaders dedicated to social change. Raising money to provide investment for communities & organisations to redress the impact of CV19 and systemic racism on communities of colour.

Black Minds Matter (UK) - Connecting black individuals and families with free professional mental health resources in the UK.

If you’re not in the position to donate, the YouTube video above has been set up to donate on the behalf of everyone watching. The ad revenue from the stream will go directly to Black Lives Matter and associated organisations. It’s also full of wonderful art and music made by black creators. All you have to do is watch and remember to not skip the ads!

We'll be sharing more ways to donate and educate yourself on race over on our Instagram.