Our Eco-Friendly Favourites

We believe it's important that we all try to make responsible choices and choose sustainable, eco-friendly products when possible. Here's a few of our favourite products that you can easily exchange in your bathroom to be nicer to yourself and the environment.

Packaging Free Hair Care

Image via Allure

We've tried a few shampoo and conditioner bars and now we can't get our head around to why we would ever need a shampoo coming in a plastic bottle.

JR Liggetts makes natural shampoo bars containing five different oils that gently cleans the hair without striping it of it's natural oils, meaning that most people won't even need a conditioner. Clever! Lush also have several great options, covering both shampoo and conditioner. In true Lush spirit they of course smell fabulous. More good news is that Lush has recently launched a new range of completely packaging free products.

Re-usable Make Up Remover Pads

Image via Etsy

We've stopped using cotton pads to remove make up or clean our faces (thankfully!). Instead we've either bought or made our own re-usable makeup remover pads. Super easy to use one every night just as normal, pop it in a wet bag and wash it together with your normal laundry load. This doesn't just eliminate any waste but it's also an easy way of saving a bit of money, win win! Pair them with a natural & organic make up remover/facial cleanser and you're good to go.

Dental Care

Image via Instagram

Dental care is another plastic heavy part of most people's bathroom cupboards. Luckily enough there are now great options to get clean, healthy teeth without straining the planet. UK based Georganics offers not only toothpaste but mouthwash, floss and toothbrushes - made in Sussex from all natural ingredients, with plastic-free, recyclable and compostable packaging. Our personal favourite is the mouthwash tablets, saving packaging and space as you add the water yourself (genius!).