5 Self-Care Tips for Autumn

A new season is here and we've got the cosy knits out, Gilmore Girls is on and we've switched our iced lattes for hot chocolates. As much as we love the cosyness that autumn brings, the reduced daylight can also have an affect on our mental health and cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) with symptoms of low mood, lethargy and sleep issues. Here are some ways to combat those symptoms, top up your happy hormones and embrace the great parts of autumn.

1. Invest in a Lumie Lamp

With the darker mornings upon us, early wake ups can be even more difficult. SAD lamps are an effective way to help set your body clock with a gradual bright light 30 minutes before your wake up time. You can also use it in the evenings to help wind down before you go to sleep.

It's recommended that you get natural light within 30 minutes of waking up to set your bodyclock, however for winter months this lamp is the next best thing!

2. Vitamin D Supplements

The UV rays in the colder months aren't strong enough to provide us with the right amount of vitamin D - an important vitamin that helps regulate calcium, maintain bone health and improve general mood.

To help stay topped up, take vitamin D supplements (4000IU strength) with vitamin K2 to fully utilise the benefits. If you feel any vitamin D deficiency symptoms, you can ask your GP for a blood test to check your levels.

3. Autumn Walks with Hot Drinks

There's nothing quite like an autumnal walk with a hot drink in hand and feeling the crunchy leaves under your boots. A treat for all the senses whilst getting your serotinin top up from being surrounded by nature and sipping on your hot drink of choice. Pumpkin spice latte, hot chocolate or chai latte?

Some parks we suggest visiting in London for ultimate autumn colours: Greenwich Park, Alexandra Palace, Regents Park and Hampstead Heath.

4. Hot Baths and Hair Masks

The cliché of self-care is face masks and bubble baths but it's for good reason. Harsh weather can cause our skin and hair to become dry so having little rituals like baths with soothing oils and hair masks can help us feel nourished from the outside - which then makes us feel good on the inside.

It's an easy way to warm up after a cold evening and hot baths can actually help us release endorphins!

5. Make your space cosy

Our environment plays a massive role in how we feel and as we start to spend a lot more time indoors, it's worth changing up a few things in your home to make it feel cosy. Here are a few suggestions on ways to do that:

Fluffy socks or slippers

A cosy dressing gown

Warm scented candles


Switching your bedding to something thicker

Changing cushion cases to more autumnal colours

Dried flowers in vases (have a go at DIY-ing your own wreath!)

Thicker pyjamas

A hot water bottle.