Styling W&M: End of January

Happy New Year!

January's frosty weather has had us reaching for our scarves and drinking lots of fiery ginger tea.

Here's how we've been styling W&M this month.

Wolf & Moon | Crystallized Earrings | Contrast Ring

Crystallized Earrings in Pink | Contrast Ring in Black | Knitted Scarf | Red Lipstick

Wolf & Moon | D Studs | Hex Bangle

Hex Bangle in Olive | D Studs in Black | Chunky black sandals | Navy Glitter Top 

Wolf & Moon | Crystallized Necklace | Hex Ring

Crystallized Necklace in Teal | Hex Ring in Black Glitter/Olive/Gold

Icos Necklace with White Ribbon | Grey Nail Varnish | Oak Magazine

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