This Week's Discoveries

 A selection of the wonderful things we've been inspired by this week. 

Dana Frid

We just discovered Egyptian designer Dana Frid's wonderful t-shirts and we want them all. Keep the snakes away unless they Gucci! 


Natural Selection

We've been to see this eggshibition at Artangel and it was glorious! Father and son Andy Holden and Peter Holden take us on an ornithological journey: from the building of nests to the collecting of eggs. Photographs by Marcus Leith 


Emma Sheehy at Woolwich Print Fair

One of our lovely and talented makers Emma had her print exhibited at the Woolwich Print Fair and she also won the Artichoke print-making price, hooray! 


Days Are Dogs

French born Camille Henrot was offered the third carte blanche exhibition at Palais De Tokyo, and some of our team took the train over to Paris to have a look. They were completely amazed - not only was it brilliant aesthetically, but also thought-provoking. The exhibition questions the relationship between authority and fiction that determines our existence, and is organized around one of the most foundational structures in our lives – the week. In contrast to days, months and years (all based on nature) the week is a human invention, yet it has such a strong impact on our daily life. 

Go if you can!