Stay Home Discoveries 2.0: Week 2

We're getting pretty good at finding fun things to fill our evenings and weekends with, and we want to share some of the stuff we get up to at home. Whether you're looking to relax, create or completely zone out, we've got some great things to fill your time with.

In the week of the US Inauguration, we spied some things to make us happy in the last few days of January.

What we're watching

The US Office - Netflix:

Remember what being in an office was like? We’re loving the hint of nostalgia that watching this show gives us. Whether you want to rewatch your favourite episode from 2005, or simply want to remember the notion of office banter without missing half the joke because the Wifi is dodgy, you can binge all episodes on Netflix.

The Serpent - BBC iPlayer:

It’s never too long before there’s another BBC drama based on true events to make our evenings on the sofa a little less comfortable. For anyone interested in true crime, new eight- part series The Serpent follows the story of French serial killer Charles Sobhraj and the lead up to his arrest in 1976.

The Inauguration - Youtube:

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that the US presidential inauguration happened this week, resulting in a new president, plenty of musical performances, inspirational speeches and memes galore.

You can watch highlights on YouTube. Ours are: Amanda Gorman’s poem, Michelle Obama’s outfit and of course Bernie in his mittens.

What we’re eating/drinking

Pasta Evangelists:

Perfectly situated in the stage between a cheeky takeaway and going out for a meal is Pasta Evangelists. They deliver fresh pasta and accompanying ingredients for you to make restaurant grade dishes in your own kitchen, and each one only takes a few minutes to prepare!

Choose from their weekly menu (including veggie and vegan options) and have an at-home pasta party.

Little’s Coffee:

Coffee is a must, and although many of us are not in the office (here at W&M we have quite the stash of these), our caffeine habits have not lessened. Now that we’ve finished our Christmas jar, we’re moving on to scrumptious flavours like Chocolate Chai and Cardamom Bun to give our morning beverage a little more pizazz.

Who we’re following


Many of us may hate to admit it, but we all love a motivational quote. Add in some colourful typography too and it’s a match made in heaven. Over the last few weeks @quotesbychristie has been filling our timeline with wise words and visual happiness to get us through the day!

What we’re making

Beaded candlestick holder:

Not to toot our own horn, but our very own maker Amy shared with us her simple process on how to make a colourful candlestick holder this week.

This is a great way to start getting creative in lockdown, and would be such a wonderful gift for friends or neighbours! Team them with your favourite candle (we spoke about those last week) and give your dresser, coffee table or mantelpiece a fun update!

What we’re buying

Flags from Laetitia Rouget:

Making the homeware of our dreams is @shoopystudio. We’ve got our eye on one of the gorgeous hand painted ceramic plates. But we’re also in the market for one of their beautiful flags, which are handmade using patchwork and embroidery and inspired by astrology and emotion. What better to hang on your wall?

Gingham plates from Vaiselle Boutique:

We may or may not be looking forward to summer already, purely for the return of gingham everything. In the meantime, gingham tableware will be how we get our fix. We can’t get enough of the colour combinations from These would be so fun to mix and match! They’re on the wishlist, ready for al fresco dining.

See what else we discover next month!