Five unmissable places in Japan

Our Studio Manager Robyn and our maker Arturo have both been to Japan during the last six months and they wanted to share a couple of their favourite places from their trips.

The Flea Market at the Shintennoji Temple, Osaka

One of Robyn's favourite things from her trip was the Flea Market at the Shintennoji Temple in Osaka. The market is set up in the temple grounds, with lots of amazing antiques and very affordable kimonos.

Nara Park, Kyoto

She also visited the Nara Park just outside of Kyoto. This is something a lot of people do, and parts of it can be quite touristy, but still so worth it! The park is massive and there's a temple with a huge statue of Buddha. There are deer everywhere, and as they are sacred they're allowed to roam freely (resulting in Robyn's lunch quickly getting snapped up!)

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto

The Bamboo Forest in Kyoto is the perfect place when you want to escape somewhere calm, beautiful and dreamy.

Mori Art Digital Museum, Tokyo

Arturo started his trip in Tokyo, where he visited The Mori Art Digital Museum. It's a super cool museum with the most incredible light installations, based on the Odaiba island. A perfect day is spent first at the museum (don't forget to snap some selfies!) and in the afternoon you take the boat to Asakusa and enjoy the sunset on the river. Once in Asakusa, you can stroll around the area (which is quite traditional) and grab dinner from one of many lovely restaurants based there.

Kinkaku-ji and Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto

Arturo also recommend visiting Kinkaku-Ji (the Golden Temple) and Fushimi Inari-taisha (the head shrine of the god Inari) which are both located in Kyoto. You can fit them in both in a day when you want to stroll around and look at some beautiful buildings and enjoy the Geisha culture.