Bluebella X Wolf & Moon

Fresh fruit and flourishing florals: how to style your W&M jewellery with our favourite lingerie this summer!
Our collaboration with lingerie brand, Bluebella, and a conversation with founder, Emily.

We caught up with Emily, founder of Bluebella...

When did you decide you wanted to start your own business? 

It wasn’t that I was looking to start a business, but I loved lingerie and thought there was a gap in the market.  I couldn’t find what I wanted to buy, so a few years after finishing university I thought I would give it a go!  In hindsight I had been quite entrepreneurial growing up so maybe it was inevitable. 


Why is lingerie important to you?

Lingerie is your most intimate and personal self-expression.  It’s the thing you wear closest to your skin, and should reflect your style and personality just like the rest of your wardrobe does, yet so many women don’t love their lingerie drawer. I think wearing great lingerie makes every day so much more exciting and gives such a feeling of confidence – regardless as to whether anyone else sees it or not!


What is the key message behind the Bluebella brand? 

Bluebella is all about directional fashion, modernity and strength. 


Where does your style inspiration for the brand come from? 

From all sorts of places!  The catwalk, street style, the city we live in, our various muses.  We also have what I call the circle of inspiration – just as we inspire our instagram followers so too do they inspire us with their amazing style.


What made you keen to collaborate with Wolf & Moon? 

Wolf & Moon is a fellow London brand that brings together very clean contemporary design, a modern very London aesthetic with accessibility and inclusivity -  it was a perfect fit.


Do you have a favourite Wolf & Moon piece?

I love the curve range.  I recently cut my hair super short so great earrings are more important than ever.


What would you say is the best part of your job?

I love that my job is 50% creative and 50% ‘business’.  I don’t think there are many roles out there like that and I feel very lucky to have that as it suits the different sides of my personality so well.


What else is important to you and what are you passionate about?

Friends and family of course.   Good food.  Wine.  Gin.  I love music and will be at various festivals this summer and am also organising ‘Sunday sessions’ with my very musical friends who never get to play music.  The theme is 90s rave tunes in a jazz style!  Coming to a pub near you!


What are you looking forward to wearing this summer? 

A bikini because that means I am on holiday!


What do you love most about spring/summer? 

There is something special about a sunny day in London.  Everyone is so grateful and happy and there is nothing better than drinks in one of the London parks or a beer garden with friends.


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