Alternative Black Friday: What we're doing for BFCM this year

This year, we’ve decided to do something a bit different.

We’ll be donating 20% of our net sales (this excludes VAT & shipping) from Friday to Monday to four different charities working for causes that the W&M team are passionate about. Each day, we'll be giving to a different charity.

Here’s where donations will be going...

Friday 27th - North London Action for the Homeless
Saturday 28th - Mermaids
Sunday 29th - UK Black Pride
Monday 30th - FareShare

We will be replenishing stock over the four days to help you plan your purchase and donate to a specific charity, although we cannot guarantee that stocks will last. Have a read below for more information on each organisation and a little bit on why we want to support them.

Friday 27th

North London Action for the Homeless - providing support and resources to the homeless and isolated in North and East London

Homelessness is a huge issue facing the UK, and coming up to winter, it is increasingly important to help ensure that as many people are off the streets, in safe accommodation with the resources they need. As a brand based in North London, we're very happy to be supporting a local charity that are working to better our own community.

Working locally in the London borough of Hackney, The North London Action for the Homeless provides food and accommodation support as well as weekly drop-ins that encourage community, socialisation and skill learning to homeless and isolated people. Working with local business for food donations, they are able to offer hot, healthy meals to those in need, as well as offering laundry services and free haircuts. They also work with other local organisations and the council to provide advocacy to help ensure access to GPs, mental health advice and support benefits.

Saturday 28th

Mermaids - supporting the UK’s trans and gender-diverse children and youth

As one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities, Mermaids supports transgender and gender-variant children and their families, providing resources, online and offline community groups and helpline services to empower the community, and provide a safe space to share experiences. Focusing on how to create a positive community for young people going through gender and sexual exploration and/or transitioning, they educate and support families on best practices within and outside of the home.

They provide inspiration working with high profile patrons such as Munroe Bergdorf to create awareness on a global scale and also educate the wider community in order to build a more accommodating society, providing educational resources as guidance on how to support and elevate gender variant people within the workplace and schools.

Sunday 29th

UK Black Pride - celebrating the expression of LGBTQ+ people in black and ethnic minority communities

Following the events earlier in the year surrounding the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, we have been working to educate and hold ourselves accountable to being more inclusive and accommodating to BAME and minority culture communities. We're happy to be supporting the positive movement of UK Black Pride.

This charity focusses on the celebration of LGBTQ+ people in black and ethnic minority communities, providing a safe space where they encourage gender and sexual expression through the arts, education and community events. Working with national and international organisations such as The Tate and Google to provide educational programmes and events that raise awareness, they bring together members of the community and also showcase the importance of this community within every aspect of society.

Monday 30th

FareShare - campaigning to end food waste and hunger in the UK

The COVID-19 crisis has had huge effects on food banks across the UK and they are have been a large decrease in the amount of donations coming in. Food banks serve a substantial amount of people who are living in poverty, and coming up to the festive season, many are unable to afford or access the food they need.

FareShare is a UK charity working with farms, factories and food suppliers to redistribute surplus food, which is then used by charities to provide meals to communities in need. They work alongside food suppliers to tackle the UK’s hunger crisis, having provided approximately 57.3 million meals whilst saving 24,074 tonnes of food from unnecessary disposal.

Tackling the issue of food waste they work with brands such as Alpro to encourage better shopping and cooking habits, and share recipes and ideas to reduce waste.

Donate whilst you shop from Friday 27th to Monday 30th November!

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