This Week's Discoveries


Joey Yu

London based illustrator, animator and curator Joey Yu creates colourful, sporadic illustrations featuring people and places. Discover her website and Instagram and get lost in a world of colours. 



Galician studio FORMABESTA design and produces functional and unusual designs with elaborate objects, with a high emphasis on materials and attention to detail.  


The New Vegetarian

New year, new me - or something along those lines. We're very excited about The New Vegetarian by Alice Hart, a modern cookbook covering a wide range of nourishing vegetarian food, with taste and enjoyment in mind. We're currently sharing the recipes round the studio and so far we're very impressed.


The Fake Tit Fund

In 2016 Isabel Ulatowski got interested in how the treatment plan for breast cancer included follow-up aesthetic decisions that patients need to decide and deal with. Her aim was to explore the reality of reconstruction following breast cancer treatment, documenting the physical and emotional process of healing and adapting to a new identity and new breasts. The realisation that a part of a person's identity could be removed by disease and reconstructed by choice, inspired The Fake Tit Fund. Through the archive of submitted and found images, she seeks to offer a sense of support to those dealing with this difficult, and often very private transition.