Three Inspiring Women, February

We're continuing to celebrate the centenary by highlighting three inspiring women each month: 

Coco Pink Princess

Technically not a woman just yet, this 7-year old super star provides us with a great dose of inspiration through her Instagram. Daughter to the owners behind Funktique, Coco starts every morning by choosing a theme for the day together with her dad, and then they pick together an outfit accordingly. We absolutely love her style, but also the fact that she's not necessarily trying to mimicking an adults way of dressing. Check out her Instagram here

Jen Dwyer

Jen Dwyer is a ceramic artist who makes socially engaged ceramic sculptures and functional art objects. Her work is responsive to what's happening around us, and she finds inspiration in norse mythology, intersectional feminism and alchemy. Follow her here.

Naomi Shimada

Last but not least, we would like to highlight model, activist, filmmaker Naomi Shimada. We discovered her through her colourful, inspirational Instagram, and now we're obsessed following everything that she does. Except continuously working on spreading a positive body ideal, she’s telling stories and making documentaries with Page She, an inclusive female film and photography collective. She's also working on a film about the sisters who invented the Brazilian wax, looking at their story and also at modern hair removal, and why we do it.