This Week's Discoveries

Now that we’re allowed out into some public spaces in the U.K., we thought that we’d shake up our Stay Home Discoveries blog and extend it to what we’re doing when we’re out and about too.

So we’ve changed the name and curated a list of our discoveries for this week including vegan junk food, vintage clothing finds, and our new favourite TV show.

Image from TV Wise

For anyone in London looking for a pub set up (aren’t we all?) Camden Brewery is opening a pop-up space in Covent Garden where you can enjoy freshly brewed beer as well as food from Prairie Fire BBQ. Head to their website for info on how to book a table.

Delving deep into issues of feminism, sexual assault, race and drug use, this BBC drama from Michaela Coel (who stars as the show’s protagonist) follows a London woman rebuilding her life after a sexual assault. Accompanied by a podcast (Obsessed With...), this is a show with substance and many conversations that will keep you engaged way after you’ve finished watching it.

To eat at: The Green Grill

Vegan junk food is out of its fad stage and seems to be here to stay. It’s hard to feel guilty about devouring a burger when it’s made with seasonal veggies, homemade vegan mayo and encased in a beetroot bun. They deliver all over London.

An online network and platform that aims to elevate and empower the voices, thoughts and opinions of women. Discussing everything from money to sex, all from the female perspective, this is place to connect with other women. They also donate a portion of their profits to NGOs supporting women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.

If you’re looking for a summer 2020 playlist. This. Is. It. Haim are back with their third studio album, full of California inspired melodies, complex instrumentation and the magic of a sister harmony, once again proving that women make the best music.

Now that we’ve got some more plans in the diary, our time for working out is slipping away. Chloe Ting’s workout has become an internet sensation. She has a range of leg, bum and tum workout programs that take as little as 10 minutes per day.

To shop at: Sami Miro Vintage

With a focus on highlighting the damage of the fashion industry on the environment, Sami Miro Vintage is an online boutique based in L.A. selling one of a kind, reworked and curated vintage finds.

To get to know: @stupendous_tremendous

There’s little more that we love than finding amazing artists on Instagram. One of our team members came across the amazing work of James Tuiit and we’re obsessed with his boldly coloured paintings. He sells originals and prints over on his website.

To shop at: Haeckels

If quarantine taught us one thing, it’s that self-care is necessary, and we actually love doing it. If you’re in need of a pamper sesh, or you want to update your skincare routine, we’ve been loving this brand. Based in Margate, Haeckels creates natural skin and body products using harvested seaweed that’s right on their doorstep, Haeckels creates natural skin and body products.

To follow: @moemotivate

Monique Melton is a new addition to our Instagram newsfeed, but a very welcome one! As an anti-racism educator and activist, she has been sharing her insights and experiences as a Black woman, as well as educational resources to help a wider community understand how to be anti-racist.

We'll be back with more recommendations next week!