This Week's Discoveries

 Anthony Gerace

Currently in love with the work of photographer, collage-maker and artist Anthony Gerace. His gentle way of working with colours is just what we need whilst longing for spring. 


Liv & Dom

Liv & Dom is the work created from the combined imaginations of Liv and Dom Cave-Sutherland, mainly consisting of beautiful prints and ceramics. We are huge fans of all the naked ladies! Check out their Instagram here


 Geoff McFetridge 

LA-based artist and illustrator Geoff McFetridge creates graphic images in fine lines and bold colours, playing with repetition, perspective, and simplicity. Check out his Instagram here



One of our team members went to check out John at the National Theatre this week. Despite repeated warnings from the theatre that the performance stretches to an epic 3 hours 20 minutes including two intervals, it was easy to fall under the spell of this creepy production. The real world seemed a distant memory - as it did for the two Brooklyn hipsters at the centre of the story - as the haunted emotions of the human condition were laid bare.