Stay Home Discoveries 2.0: Week 8

We've had a lot of celebrating to do this week with International Women's Day as well as the launch of our new Waste-Not Hearts (there's more on those below). In this blog, we've got a resource helping spread the brilliance of female and non-binary musicians and a new coming of age film inspiring intersectional feminism in teens.

What we’re wearing

Socks from Bonne Maison

With a glimmer of hope and leaving the house on the horizon, we’re already planning our post-lockdown outfits. It’s going to be hard parting with our sweatpants so we’re taking it one step at a time and starting small with some snazzy socks.

We’ve got new socks from Bonne Maison available. We love the unique patterns (have you seen the seashells?!), all made with specially formulated colours and Egyptian cotton, they’re socks that are meant to be seen.

Who we're following

David Shrigley on Instagram

If you’re looking for a moment of slight relief when you’re scrolling through your phone, you know, to counteract the injustices happening here there and everywhere - we suggest you follow artist David Shrigley on Instagram. Known for his comedic illustrations, and an avid poster (we’re looking at 2-3 per day), we love the regularity of his simple, funny art to keep spirits high.

What we're watching

Moxie on Netflix

Another stellar directorial effort from the legend that is Amy Pohler is Moxie - Netflix’s new coming of age film with a message appropriate for everyone to hear. Although it may be set in a high school, this film tackles the struggles and injustices that many women face in day-to-day life, no matter what your age, location or socio-economic status.

If you’re looking for some light entertainment with a touch of education on intersectional feminism (aren’t we all), look no further. This is a great one to watch with the whole family.

Fearne Cotton’s IG Lives

If you’re looking for a place where you can relax, learn and feel like you’re in a room of friends, head over to Fearne Cotton’s Instagram, where the presenter, author and entertainment personality has been having live conversations with a wide range of people, tackling subjects like loneliness, juggling businesses and families during the pandemic and lots more. We also love her Happy Place Podcast which is now onto it’s ninth season.

What we’re wearing

Waste-Not Hearts

Our new hearts are here! These pieces are limited edition, so a few have already sold out when this blog is going up, but there are some left! These are extra special, made using our waste materials from previous Reverie collections. You can read more about these hearts here, and shop them in New In Limited Edition.

Is anyone else planning their post-Covid party outfits?

We’ve got our eyes on these dream shoes. New arrivals from London accessories brand Miista and inspired by our local area of East London. We saw these holographic sandals pop up on our feed and felt like we were instantly out in a bar on a late summer’s night. These are shoes that could take you straight from work to dinner to a night on the town. 3-in-1 works for us. *Adds to basket*.

What we're reading

She Shreds

We love rock and roll! And when I say we - I mean women. She Shreds is an organisation raising awareness of female and non-binary guitarists and bassists. Pretty rock ‘n’ roll if you ask us.

With comprehensive articles on the history of women in music, lists of who and where to find up and coming musicians, to informative and reflective interviews with the artists themselves (as well as performances), this is a place of education and celebration of a community that is not prioritised by the industry. We love to see it!

We'll be back with more recommendations soon!