Stay Home Discoveries 2.0: Week 3

We’re onto our third week of Stay Home Discoveries and we’ve found some great things to keep you busy! This week, we're planning our conscious shopping for the next 12 months, enjoying afternoon Chai Lattes and writing to our loved ones.

What we're watching

It’s A Sin - All Four

Set aside a 5 hour slot for this, because once you start, you will not be able to stop. Set in the 80s (so expect a great soundtrack), the show follows the impact of the AIDS crisis on an outgoing group of friends living in London. You will laugh, you will cry, and you’ll want to rewatch it as soon as it’s over.

What we're buying

Fashion Revolution 2021 Planner -

Not your average calendar, the Fashion Revolution 2021 planner is a great way to keep on top of your sustainability resolutions. With space to pop in your usual dates to remember, it also comes with reminders of important dates in the eco calendar including World Water Day, along with tips on how to get involved with them, reduce your impact and support campaigns. Keep it folded in your bag for reminders on the go, or stick it up on your wall for a visual overview of the year ahead.

Vintage Tees from Tee Jerker

You might think that we go on a bit about vintage shopping (read our top tips here), but we think secondhand clothes are the way forward. We love items that have had a life before we find them, and finding a good t-shirt is golden. We stumbled upon Tee Jerker on Instagram, an account that sells second hand graphic tees, that although might be on the pricey side, are great for finding a gem for someone special.

Wrap Greetings Cards -

In recent years, communication between friends mainly means sending memes in the group chat, but it’s nice to put in a bit more effort here and there. Why not send a surprise note to a friend or family member? Writing a thoughtful letter is something many of us haven’t done in a while (or ever), but we’ve got new greetings cards from London stationery brand Wrap in stock that are too nice not to send.

What we’re eating/drinking

Minor Figures Chai Concentrate -

We raved on about coffee in last week’s Stay Home Discoveries, but we’re also avid tea drinkers. Now, we obviously love an English Breakfast and a few of us are on the Earl Grey, but our most recent discovery is this Chai Concentrate from East London coffee brewery Minor Figures. Perfect for a morning beverage without a massive hit of caffeine or to pair with a 4’o’clock sweet treat.

What we're making

Free standing shelves -

If you’re looking for a weekend task, this bookshelf is a great little project from Holly, one of our makers.. If you’re able to get to a B&Q (wearing a mask), you can spend an afternoon making these. Great if you need to make some space or have some new goodies that need a home (maybe a candle holder?!). Feel free to brag about it on Instagram, you’ll be on your way to being a DIY pro.

What we're listening to

Lo Vas A Olvidar by Billie Eilish ft Rosalia -

In a desperate ploy to seem more down with the kids, we’ve been trying to keep up with all the newness happening in the music industry. Since gigs and concerts are still a no go, musicians seem to be churning out songs like there’s no tomorrow, an upside of them being stuck in their houses. We’ve been spinning the new Billie Eilish x Rosalia song, Lo Vas A Olvidar.

See what else we discover next month! Read last week's blog here.