Stay Home Discoveries 2.0: Week 1

And we’re back! Back in lockdown, and back to sharing our latest discoveries with you.

We're getting pretty good at finding fun things to fill our evenings and weekends with, and we want to share some of the stuff we get up to at home. Whether you're looking to relax, create or completely zone out, we've got some great things to fill your time with.

Have a read below about what we have been getting up to over the first fortnight of January.

What we're watching

Bridgerton - Netflix:

We may have initially watched Bridgerton for the romance but we stayed for the soundtrack (did anyone else guess each pop-turned classical song hidden in the background?), and we’re going back for the costumes - the jewellery in particular of course. The ladies of Bridgerton showed us that more is more, even when you are just staying in the house.

We think some of our pieces would fit in nicely too. Can you see Daphne in our Blue Mother of Pearl Raindrops, or Penelope in one of our Lemon pieces?

Headspace Guide to Meditation - Netflix:

What we’ve learnt from being in lockdown is that it’s more than ok to indulge in not having much to do. Having time by ourselves has meant that we’ve been able to give our own wellbeing and mental health a priority seat, and we love that brands like Headspace and Netflix are collaborating to make resources more readily available.

This new show is a small collection of animations that help you start your journey with meditation, giving you starting points as well as educating you on the benefits. A lovely way to start your day or wind down after a long day in the makeshift office.

@yukikawae - Instagram:

You may have seen our repost on Instagram of Yuki Kawae’s ultra calming sand design videos, and we can’t get enough of them. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, like many of us are, this is a great way to make the time you spend on your phone a little less taxing on your brain.

Have a scroll through Yuki’s feed or watch their longer IGTV videos for a burst of relaxation. Sound on!

Who we're following


Even if you don’t follow this account on Instagram, you’ve probably seen their posts floating around. This account combines graphic design with inspirational quotes for content nowhere near as corny as it sounds. From energy infographics to simple sentences to put your life in perspective, this account is the visually and emotionally stimulating content that we need right now.


A feeling of community is definitely something all of us have been craving over the past year, when it’s been hard to even see a few close friends. Girls Night In is exactly that - a weekly newsletter full of reading recommendations, podcasts, essays and things to buy (you may have spotted us in their 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!).

We love their feed for friendly, relatable and informative content.


Now that we’ve all successfully renovated our homes into offices and gyms, many of us have even bigger and better home improvements on the horizon. Whether you’re thinking of adding a reading nook to your bedroom, or want your garden to be the envy of your neighbours, look no further than @getclever, a feed of home beautiful interiors from Architectural Digest.

If you’re looking to decorate, this is a great place to find some inspiration!


What we're buying

Cherise Jumper by Shrimps

Here in the UK, we’ll be wearing jumpers for the foreseeable future, so we’ve been on the hunt for some extra special ones that make being bundled up a bit more fun. We love this Shrimps one, adorned with colourful fruit and made with a fair trade wool blend. And it’s on sale!

Pair this with some of our Garden pieces and you’ll look good enough to eat!  

Esh Candles 

The world's obsession with candles seems to have reached its peak, but we’re not complaining. In fact, we’ re happy to be swept along with the homeware trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. To go alongside our slow burn, glass jar candles from the likes of Earl of East and My Lovely Goods, we’re adorning our coffee tables and mantelpieces with candles too pretty to even light.

These pastel beauties from South London brand Esh look edible and smell it too, made with soy wax infused with essential oils. We’re waiting patiently for a restock.

Satin Pyjamas by Lindex

We’ve all learnt that it’s important to keep some sort of routine even when not leaving the house. So when it comes to that time in the evening to change out of your jumper/sweatpants/leggings combo, it’s nice to have a different kind of comfy to slip into.

A pair of matching PJ’s is a simple solution.

We love these from Lindex, a Swedish brand that focuses on empowering women through their products, as well as prioritising sustainable processes and keeping products affordable.

We'll have plenty more where that came from next week so stay tuned for more recommendations!