Joey Ju visiting us!

A couple of weeks ago we had the talented artist, illustrator & curator Joey Ju visiting our studio. We first heard about her in about a year ago when we featured her on our Weekly Discoveries. As we're big fans of her work, it was super exciting to have her in for the day!

Some of Joey's work via her online store.

Our new collection in the studio.

We showed her around our studio, before we showed her our new collection (plus some all time favourites!) and gifted her some pieces.

Joey wearing the Elsa Hoops.

"As an illustrator, I really liked the pieces I chose as it was beautiful how they were figurative, seeing how a Cloud or a Pear was translated into jewellery. I also love fruit inspired things haha! And the marbling in the pear and the mother of pearl detail in the others appeals to the magpie in me. " Joey picked our Cloud Earrings, Pear Earrings and the yet to be launched Elsa Hoops.