5 Tips for Shopping Small

We know its difficult to steer clear of big brands like Amazon and ASOS, especially when you're on a budget or in a rush. But these 5 tips will help you to plan your purchases and make wiser choices that are better for people and the planet!

1. Shop early & stay patient

Many small brands make-to-order or have longer lead times than large brands so it is best to order early. During the Christmas period, look out for last order dates and be patient waiting on a response to your enquiry - their inbox might be overwhelming at this time. If your order isn’t urgent, let them know!
2. Discover, save & subscribe
Head to makers markets and collect business cards/follow the makers on social media. Ask your friends for some suggestions - most small businesses rely on word of mouth.
On Instagram/Pinterest, keep a saved board of items from your favourite small brands to return to at a later date. Stay in touch by subscribing to newsletters - they’re unlikely to bombard you with annoying emails.

3. Choose better

When buying online or in a store, ask yourself: was this item made by someone with good working conditions and a fair wage? If the answer is “probably not”, look for an alternative from a small business who produces locally and pays staff a living wage. It may be slightly more expensive but is likely to be better quality and bring you joy for longer.

4. Don’t forget gift vouchers

If you’re looking for a last minute gift, don’t head straight to Amazon! Buy a gift voucher online from an independent brand and let the recipient enjoy the wonderful experience of shopping with a small business.

5. Engage, share & review

Small businesses rely on word of mouth and social media (Instagram does not always make it easy), so make sure you share and engage as much as possible as this will help them reach a larger audience. If you have purchased an item you love, leave a review on their website or via email - this will really motivate them to keep on going, and you may even make their day.

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