This Week's Discoveries - Scandinavian Design Edition

Each week we publish a small selection of the nice things that our team have found, experienced or been inspired by during the week. This week we've collected our top three design pieces at the moment, all with a Scandinavian touch...


Images via Falke Svatun

Tumble is a vessel designed by Norwegian designer Falke Svatun, launched via A part last year. It challenges the conventional perception of a vase in shape, function and appearance. We love how the design allows it to sit at the edge of a shelf, table or sill.

The String Shelving System

Images via String

The String Shelving system is a Swedish design classic, that dates back all the way to 1949. When the Swedish publishing house Bonniers realised that people were likely buy more books if they had a good way of storing them, they launched a design competition asking for an affordable, easy assemble shelving solution. Nils & Kajsa Strinning entered and won the competition with their flexible, elegant and minimalist shelving system. We love how versatile and beautiful it is, with endless variation opportunities.

Loop Stand Wardrobe

Images via HAY

Loop Stand Wardrobe is based on a graphic, elegant three-pillared design, which offers a simple yet beautiful solution for hanging your clothes, a great option to the traditional wardrobe. Designed by Danish designer Leif Jørgensen, it's a part of his series for Danish design brand HAY (which you've probably heard of because of their lovely collaborations with COS).