Stay Home Discoveries 2.0: Week 4

It's February and we're starting to see the the first signs of spring: longer days, a little bit of sunshine and a few budding flowers. We're taking inspiration from nature this week and giving our own houseplants some love, as well as learning about the importance of fungi with our new favourite nature doc.

Once again we have some interior inspo and new music, as well as our new WFH uniform. Keep reading to find our more...

What we’re doing

SocietyX: Making A Home For Houseplants

Has anyone else started hoarding houseplants since the first lockdown? Ok, great, we’re not alone. Since March last year, our houses (and our studio) have become somewhat greenhouses in their own right, but we’re constantly looking for ways to help them thrive and bloom, which is especially hard in the winter months.

From watering from the bottom to dusting with banana skins, there are many tips we’ve heard on the street but what we really need is an expert to give us their advice on how to keep our plants alive and thriving. This Society X event is a houseplant masterclass, teaching us all the basics of houseplant etiquette as well as techniques on how to propagate, choose the right soil, and choose the right plant in the first place.

Sign up for free tickets here.

What we’re listening to

Arlo Parks - Collapsed in Sunbeams

If you could imagine the perfect Sunday morning music, this would be it. 20 year old Arlo Parks is making waves in the music industry with her beautifully poetic, soulful, mid-tempo tunes. This album is the perfect soundtrack to a chilled weekend morning stroll.

What we’re making

Cooking with Tee - Chef Tiana Gee

It can be difficult to think of new things to cook, especially when you’re wanting to keep the dishes to a minimum. Whether you’re looking for a new, long recipe to treat yourself with at the weekend (we love an afternoon in the kitchen when the result is a 10/10 dinner), or are looking for lunchtime inspiration now that we’re not all huddled around one office microwave, LA based chef Taina Gee is a great place to get some ideas.

Her recipes are adventurous yet doable. Great practice for when we can host dinner parties again!

What we’re watching

Fantastic Fungi

Mushrooms are something that many people are on the fence about. You either love them or you hate them. But eating aside, we think they should be loved by everyone. This documentary explains the importance of fungi in our world, including its medicinal benefits, and the way it contributes to our ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about fungi or if you just want to see some very relaxing time lapses of it forming, look no further. This is the nature documentary we never knew we needed.

Who we’re following

@swantjeundfrieda -

If you easily get house envy, look away.

Only joking. We may be jealous, but we’re using that energy in a positive way. We love the clean aesthetic and the simple, functional style of Swantje’s home. If this account doesn’t make you want to declutter (we’ve been putting this off for years), use up old test pots of wall paint and jazz up our door frames or invest in some pastel coloured furniture, we don’t know what will.

@aprilsbakerlondon -

If we could survive only on cake, then we would. Although, these ones by April’s Baker are almost too pretty to eat. Based in London and run by sisters Roxy and Corrine, these cakes are sure to make any occasion that extra bit special.

Along with the impeccable piping, these sponges come in a range of flavours, from Sicilain Lemon to Mocha to A gluten free Coconut Chiffon. If anyone has any birthdays coming up, these are a great way to celebrate.

What we're wearing -

Lacausa -

Our love affair with the tracksuit sees no end in sight. Right now we can almost guarantee that you or someone you know will be in the market for a new tracksuit to make being at home indefinitely even comfier. We’ve got our eyes on one from Lacausa Clothing.

If you’re a trend follower, the tie-dye may be the one for you, but they’ve also got some lovely neutrals that are great for mixing and matching with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

In addition to being simple and chic, they are also eco-conscious! They keep their manufacturing local to their area of Los Angeles and put effort into reducing use of raw materials and prioritising employee wellbeing.

Read our DIY Tutorial from this week too!