Pride Month Discoveries: Activists + Educators

Ending our Pride Month series with a round-up of LGBTQ+ activists and online educators. They are a crucial part of the movement, helping people to understand who they are, fighting for justice and encouraging others to do the same. These changemakers have taught us a lot of the years, sharing their knowledge, personal experiences and providing safe spaces and communities.

Scroll down to see our round-up and fill your feeds with LGBTQ+ influencers and activists who truly represent what it means to be yourself.

1. Anick @anickwrites

Writer, intersex educator and researcher.

2. Ben Pechey @benpechey

Writer, Speaker, D&I Consultant, Fashion Icon & LGBTQIA Advocate.

5. Florence Given @florencegiven

Author, artist and podcast host. Feminism and Bisexual content.

6. Munroe Bergdorf @munroebergdorf

Trans activist, model and podcast host.

7. Blair Imani @blairimani

Author and educator on bisexuality, islam and race.

8. Yasmin Benoit @theyasminbenoit

British model, activist and founder of the UK's first asexual rights initiative.

10. Ruby Rare @rubyrare

Author, sex educator and founder of Body Love Sketch Club.