How to Style: The Meadow Collection Hair Combs & Sets

We’ve just launched a whole range of gorgeously decorative hair combs and we want to show you just how versatile they are!

Available in a very wide range of colours and styles, they are a fun, floral way to elevate your favourite hair styles. You don’t have to be buying them for a wedding/civil partnership (although they are the perfect for that too). Here are 5 fun ways to style your hair with our combs from easy & everyday to something a bit more special.

Top tips!

  • We recommend securing your combs with bobby pins to make sure your designs stay in place all day. Slide them in perpendicular to the comb for safety.
  • Feel free to use hairspray but avoid getting too much of this on any pearl beads!
  • For extra grip, you can use a dry texturising spray in the hair too!

1. An easy, everyday side style

We all have those moments when you need a quick fix to take you from a - b. Whether that’s from the school run to work or from work to drinks with friends. A super easy way to make yourself a bit more put together is a simple side slide. By this we mean, placing one of our hair combs to the side of your head (just above the ear). Super simple and super sophisticated!

2. Adorn your up do!

If you're looking to jazz up your everyday bun, or a more formal updo for an event, our combs are the perfect decorative touch to add to a bun/gathered style.

We recommend styling your hair how you wish using hair ties/bobby pins, then placing our combs in and around the bun, adding more pins if needed to secure them!

3. Make a flower crown!

A flower crown is a festival favourite - and so easy to do! Gather the front inch or so of your hair on each side of your face and braid them, securing them at the center back of your head with bobby pins. Then simply slide in your combs vertically behind the braid, again, adding more pins if necessasy to keep everything in place. And voila!

4. Add a some drama i.e. a veil

We designed our Meadow collection knowing that many of our customers are often looking for statement jewellery to wear to a wedding. Where our other styles are for brides and guests alike, this one is definitely a look for the couple-to-be!

Simply slide your veil into to your hair as normal, and place your combs in and around it, covering the top seam of the fabric if possible. No one's going to be able to upstage that!

5. Keep it random (in the best way)

If you're looking to some thing that looks at little more effortless and casual, our combs look amazing simply dotted around your usual hairstyle. Add them to a messy bun, pony tail, even popping out from under a headscarf or your hijab! The possibilities are endless!

We love how they all look together with their complimentary colours, but a simple, singular comb does the trick too!  

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