Christmas Wishlist series: Fair Friday

For this blog series, we’re getting in the festive spirit by asking some of our friends to share their Christmas 2019 wish lists. Check back every week for a new list full of gift inspiration for you and yours.

This week, we spoke to the two wonderful ladies behind the blog Fair Friday, Anne and Elrike. Fair Friday is a platform that promotes conscious, ethical and sustainable buying habits, encouraging readers to make small changes to contribute to a larger shift in attitude in the clothing industry.

Anne and Elrike let us know how they'll be spending and how they'll be buying this year - keep reading for inspiration!

Images from Fair Friday's Instagram: Follow them @fair_friday

What's on your Christmas playlist?
Elrike: Although I kind of hate the 'All I want for Christmas is you' song, I still sing it every year when the time of Christmas season has started.
Anne: Haha same here, but my own Christmas playlist has a lot of James Brown songs on it, such as 'Please come home or Christmas' and 'Soulful Christmas'. Furthermore, I like the classics such as 'White Christmas' (1947 version) but also those older songs with a twist such as 'Hallelujah' by Pentatonix.

What's on your TV at Christmas? 

We absolutely love to re-watch Love Actually every year around Christmas time. Plus, on the second day of Christmas we watch the Christmas special of All you need is love. It's a Dutch television program that brings lovers and loved ones together from all over the world, to celebrate Christmas together. Such a tearjerker! However the show takes 3 hours and ends at midnight, so we talk a lot in between haha.

Anne & Elrike of Fair Friday

What's on your plate at Christmas?

We both have a traditional Christmas dinner with our family on the first day of Christmas.

Elrike: I celebrate it at my grandma's home with a 4 course dinner, where all of us prepares one course: starting with melon and serrano ham, home made tomato soup, roulade with veggies and potato gratin and finishing off with ice-cream and tiramisu.

Anne: I am lucky that my sister can cook very well, so she usually prepares our Christmas dinner. I have quite a big family so I'm always looking forward to this dinner, where there is lots of food, red wine and loud conversations! We are both suckers for desert, so guess what our favourite course is?

Anne & Elrike of Fair Friday

What's on your Christmas list?

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Anne: My parents never wanted to turn Christmas into a consumption-party but they always gifted us a book for Christmas. This year I will ask for the book 'The Power of Now': a book about living in the present moment instead of just using the present to fulfil future goals - a topic that really has my heart right now!

Wolf & Moon Alva Earrings in Eggshell

We both have a love for neutrals, because they never run out of style and you can combine them in so many ways! These earrings would be a perfect add to a neutral outfit!

Wolf & Moon Thea Earrings in Rose

However we also like a splash of colour!

Underprotection Luna Bralette in Burgundy

Especially with Christmas we love to wear beautiful lingerie. However, it can be quite difficult to find lingerie that is sexy, but also fairly and sustainably made.

Underprotection has it all covered to make you feel beautiful from the inside out. They make use of sustainable materials like recycled polyeester, recycled wool and organic cotton. We like the dark burgundy colour of this bralette and the fact that it is made with love by people from Latvia.

Wolf & Moon Dot Hoop Studs in Brass

Simple and sophisticated, just how we like it! Perfect to wear everyday.

Mint & Rose Black Horn Belt

We love accessories to make a statement with! This belt has been on our wish-list for a long time already, definitely an item to invest in.

Meraki Sandalwood & Jasmine Scented Candle

There's no Christmas without scented candles. This candle is made from oil of soy beans which makes it an all-natural product and it also minimises the risk of soot.

Lush Snowflake Body Lotion

We also like to smell like Christmas... that's why we love the Limited Edition products of Lush. All their cosmetics are handmade and mainly consist of natural ingredients. The 'Snowflake' body lotion smells heavenly.

Reformation North Dress

We absolutely love Reformation, it's one of our favourite sustainable and fair brands. During this time of the year they always launch the most beautiful, feminine collection for the holidays. You do have to save a bit for this dress, but Anne found a look-a-like last year in a thrift shop for only 15 euros.

Head to the Fair Friday blog to read more about shopping in a more conscious way, and follow them on Instagram for all the updates!