Arts Sisterhood UK

This week we want to take the opportunity to highlight Arts Sisterhood UK, an Arts & Mental Health organisation that offers women and non-binary people affordable art therapy classes across the UK. We've followed them on  Instagram for a while and it's been incredible to follow their work and growth, and we'd love to share them with you. We think it's really important to spread the word with these organisations, as so many people could benefit from them.

Arts Sisterhood was founded in 2016 by Ali Strick, as a direct response to the growing cuts to government funding for mental health services in the UK, and the lack of a less clinical mental health support. They offer a safe, inclusive and supportive community to the marginalised, rejected and neglected who can’t afford expensive private therapy. 

Monthly classes are being held, taught by artists and supervised by an accredited psychotherapist, where the attendees is taken on a journey of self exploration and healing. This journey is designed to harness their feelings, envisioning them in an artistic form, and moving that form from their psyche and onto paper. 

We like to follow their work via their Instagram, which you can also do here