5 Ways to Mix 'n' Match the Ophelia Charm Hoops

Our hoop earrings are made to be mixed 'n' matched which makes them super versatile and customisable to your personal style. Our latest hoop set are the Ophelia Charm Hoops; 6 individual flower charms in different colours along with your preferred hoop size (if you don't already have your own pair!). The variables are endless - especially if you have multiple ear piercings, and you can also add on things like tassels and other charms depending on your mood.

In today's post, we're showing you 5 different ways you can wear the Ophelia Charm Hoops in green to show you how many different earrings you can get out of one set! They'd also make the perfect gift for for hoop earring lovers..

Option 1: All Charms

If you're going for a stand-out look, you can layer all 6 charms across both sides to create this flower bunch effect.

Option 2: Double Piercing

If you have an extra piercing on your lobe, one way you can style these hoops is by staggering the charms across 2-3 different hoops. We've styled them here with the 22mm hoops at the front and 19mm hoops at the back, both with single charms. The colours were picked to go together no matter which combination you go for.

Option 3: Double Piercing & Double Charm

Same as above, but this time using all flowers with a double charm on the front hoop! This gives it a multi-layered, eye catching look and you can see all colours clearly.

Option 4: Double Charm, Single Hoop

If you prefer a more pared down style, or you don't have a second piercing, here's how the Ophelia looks as 2 flower charms on one 22mm hoop.

Option 5: Single Charm

And lastly, for an even more minimal, every day look here's how the charms look individually. They're detailed enough to look unique on their own and you can switch the colours based on the season, your mood or what you're wearing.

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