3 ways to wear the Collage Charm Hoops

You probably know this already, but in case you've forgotten, we'll tell you again: our Collage Charm Hoops come in Pink and Green and are customisable! Using the six individual charms, you can mix and match to create new combinations to suit your style. Below, we've suggested just a few of the ways that you can wear the interchangeable charms.

The charms (three on each hoop) include hand-painted wood, mirrored brass, marble acrylic, brass rings and mother of pearl, depending on which colourway you choose. They are each designed to perfectly compliment each other, so you can wear them how they are. However, there's room to experiment...

For a classic monochrome take on the Collage Charm Hoops, why not focus on the gorgeous gold colour of the brass pieces for a touch of elegance. Or if you're a lover of colour, focus on the contrast of the neutral eggshell/mother of pearl against the playful shades. Remove the brass charms to put emphasis on the marble and wooden pieces.

To accentuate the distinctive asymmetry of the earrings, you can isolate the colours. Wearing the more neutral shades of mother of pearl or eggshell on one side, and the colourful wood and marble on the other. To keep it super sleek, you can also wear the gold plated sterling silver hoops by themselves, for a simple, modern look.

The possibilities are endless. Show us how you wear them by tagging us in your photos on Instagram.