Inspiration: Platonic Solids Collection

Tetrahedron // Cube // Octahedron // Dodecahedron // Icosahedron

We collaborated with designer Alfred & Wilde for our latest collection, Platonic Solids.

Alfred & Wilde base their designs on the five platonic solids; solid, symmetrical shapes that are composed of faces that are the same shape. These shapes were theorised by ancient greek philosopher Plato to make up the five classical elements; fire, water, air, earth and aether (spirit.) These shapes occur in crystal patterns found in the formation of minerals, and are thought of as a template for many natural structures.

 Wolf & Moon x Alfred & Wilde | Platonic Solids

Alfred & Wilde's Gold Icosahedron Mug

Inspired by both the natural and geometric aspects of these beautiful shapes, we thought that a collaboration between our two companies would be perfect. You can see the collection here.

 Wolf & Moon x Alfred & Wilde | Platonic Solids