This Week's Discoveries



Last weekend some of us took the bus over to the Zabludowicz Collection to take a look at the exhibition by Haroon Mirza and his studio HRM199, For A Partnership Society. They've created a unique physical experience at the intersection of art, architecture, sculpture, sound and music, where they investigate the relationship between matter and consciousness, truth and belief. Highly recommended.


Den Holm: Steven John Clark

We've just discovered Melbourne based sculptor Steven John Clark and we're completely obsessed with his everything he does. With a strong focus on texture and form, his designs are free from restrictions and merge traditional craftsmanship in stone carvery with the experimental nature of textile and embroidery. 


Rue Anafel

As true flower lovers here at WAM we were delighted to find this Instagram of floral design studio Rue Anafel. We love the muted colours and clean styling of all her feed. 


Finnish Rooftop Sauna 

This year the Southbank Centre is looking more closely at Nordic art and culture with a series of events. As a part of this, you can now beat the winter cold and try a specially designed Finnish sauna at the Queen Elizabeth Roof Terrace. Reaching 90 degrees celsius inside, you can cool down in the open air while enjoying the view over the River Thames. We haven't yet been but as the days are getting colder and darker, we are struggling to think of a more tempting activity.