This Week's Discoveries


Magniberg is a Swedish design group with a multilateral approach, with the passion to create a brand driven by emotional aesthetics; making the visual imagery, fabrics, products and details speak for its foremost values. The starting point and core pillar of the brand is the bed wear collection, combining different textures and colour, bringing complexity into bed wear. Find some of our favourites above. 


If You Can't Stand The Heat

Down the road from our workshop, roaming projects is showing If You Can’t Stand the Heat. An exhibition that presents a collection works by 24 artists, brought together through a shared interest in materiality. From consumption to sensuality, daily life to science fiction, the artworks in the gallery manifest a variety of subjects, evoking disparate sentiments, but are united by a common theme: Clay. As true clay lovers, we can't wait to go and have a look! On until 28th Jan.

 Martina Lang

Photographer and art director Martina Lang creates colourful, graphic sets with beautiful objects. We are a big fan of the Plant/Paper series, but pretty much all of her work gives you that kick of bright pastel colours. 


Sian Davey

Sian Davey is a British photographer whose work is an investigation of the psychological landscapes of both herself and those around her. One of our favourite series is Looking for Alice, a project which tells the story of her daughter Alice and their family. Alice was born with Down's Syndrome, but is no different to any other little girl, she feels what we feel, she needs what we need. The series is a story about love, and what sometimes gets in the way of that.