We made your jewellery! Fashion Revolution Week 2020

The 20th of April marks the start of Fashion Revolution week, and we're getting involved by celebrating the amazing team members that make up Wolf & Moon and how we as a team are continuously working to make our business better for people and planet.

Who are Fashion Revolution?

Fashion Revolution are a global movement and not-for-profit organisation calling for systematic change within all areas of the fashion industry. Head to their website for more information and resources on how to get involved!


A big part of Fashion Revolution's manifesto is about people. Focussing on everything from fair and equal pay to diversity in the workplace, the organisation works to promote the support of workers in the fashion industry and this is something we care about too!

Wolf & Moon are officially a Living Wage employer. This means we pay at least the London living wage to all of our employees and provide holiday, leave and sick pay above the government minimums. We encourage the team by creating a comfortable work environment, including flexible hours, team lunches and frequent trips to the pub!

Get to know the faces behind the brand! Here are a few of the wonderful and skilled people who hand make all of your jewellery...














The environment and the effect we have on it is something that we take into consideration at every point of our business plan. From the design to delivery of our products, we aim to create the least amount of damage on the environment. Here's an update on what we have been working on to improve this in 2020.

Waste Audit

Earlier this year we conducted an audit of all the waste we make in our office and workshop and made improvements on what and how we discard. Our studio now has designated areas for waste that is organised to make recycling easier. We use First Mile who recycle and reuse all of our waste.

Material Waste

In an effort to reduce our material waste, we're coming up with innovative ways to reuse and recycle our scraps, for example, developing how to reuse broken Jesmonite and how to reshape spare acrylic.


We use electricity to run everything from our office computers and printers, to our laser cutter, but we're proud to say that our studio runs on completely on renewable energy. With thanks to Bulb we're saving a considerable amount on CO2 within our production process.

Studio Assistant Jess conducting our waste audit!

Jesmonite pieces ready to be set in moulds.

Thanks to Fashion Revolution for working to reform the industry! We're with you.