Christmas Wishlist series: L.O.M

For this blog series, we’re getting in the festive spirit by asking some of our friends to share their Christmas 2019 wish lists. Check back every week for a new list full of gift inspiration for you and yours.

For our next Wishlist, we spoke to the Louise from the brand L.O.M, a luxury party and festival-wear brand that makes colourful clothing and accessories in the UK. we're big fans of L.O.M's gorgeous prints and fabulous materials (lots of sequins, tassels and pom-poms!) and we couldn't wait to see what Louise had her eye on this Christmas!

Images from L.O.M's Instagram: Follow the brand @l.o.m_fashion

What’s on your Christmas playlist?
I like to keep it a bit psychedelic, and Christmas isn't any different. One of my favorite bands has a Festive tune, Spaceface - Single Star. I'm yet to convince my Mum to have it on whilst we have Christmas dinner though!
What’s on your TV at Christmas?
I get on my high horse here and say I haven't have a TV for 10 years! But I do have Netflix on my iPad - does it count?! I think it probably does. But when I'm home with the family we will watch The Snowman, even though we are all grown up, it's kind of a family tradition.
However, I have moved to Berlin, and Germany has this huge tradition on New Years Eve where everyone watches 'Dinner For One' which is an English comedy from 1963, 18 minutes long, and is in the Guinness World Records for the most repeated TV show of all time, 17 million Germans watched it last year. I should really watch it this year. In fact, Hannah from Wolf & Moon will be joining me in Berlin this NYE, maybe I'll force her to watch it with me!
What’s on your plate at Christmas?
I have been making the switch to a Vegetarian diet, last year my Mum found it hilarious to serve me two carrots and a potato. But I have to confess I still love pigs in blankets as a Christmas treat! I mostly live on cheese boards and Chocolates though! And wine. Allll the wine.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Wolf & Moon Limited Edition Constellation Earrings in Blue

I am in love with the new Wolf & Moon Constellation earrings! They look like the beautiful star topping the Christmas tree, but would totally be a piece you could rock all year round too.

Wolf & Moon Brigitte Earrings in Orange/Pink

I have been eyeing up these earrings for a while, I was torn between the two colours, I love the greens, but since thats my hair colour I think the orange/pink ones will pop more!

Wolf & Moon Lotus Headband

Since I'm a fan of all things psychedelic, I love the Lotus headband, and Christmas parties are a great time to adorn your head!

Wolf & Moon Dusk Hoops in Fern

I'm a fan of huge statement earrings, but sometimes you just need a little something to finish off your look, and these gold and green ones are perfect.

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