8 Statement Earrings Perfect for Your Next Zoom Call

Thinking back to about 8 months ago, none of us would have thought that almost all of our socialising would be done through the blue-tinted screens of our computers (or phones). But, here we are; talking to our work colleagues, grandparents, therapists and even potential new partners through a 13inch screen. 2020 everyone.

We’ve adapted to this new norm, much like many other aspects of our lives that have turned on their heads. But what we don’t love about Zoom calls in the inability to show off our fabulous outfits. The importance of hair, make-up and of course jewellery has become crucial to us showing our style and individuality, even if we’re not actually leaving the house.  

Obviously an upside to the video call, is conveniently masking the ‘I’m in pyjamas from the waist down’ thing we often have going on. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of earrings you can wear to quickly and successfully make you appropriately dressed for any virtual occasion you may need to attend. Because if your earrings are on-point, it doesn’t really matter what else you’re wearing out of eyeshot.

Occasion: First date
Earrings: Cherry Earrings in Red
The aim: Flirty, but not full on

The Zoom date takes ‘what do I wear’ out of the equation somewhat. If you’re meeting your prospective partner from the comfort of your sofa, you’ll instantly be more relaxed than if you were in an unfamiliar environment, which means you can focus more on getting to know each other.

Some of our fruity pieces are great for a first date, we love the cherries. They have flirtatious connotations, make a strong style statement, and are a great thing to mention if you get stuck on what to say.

Occasion: Long distance date night
Earrings: Limited Edition Ava Statement Earrings
The aim: Wear your heart on your sleeve (or your ears)

If you want to go all out for a special someone, our Limited Edition Hearts do exactly that. Show your devotion with the Ava Statement Earrings in Pink/Red. Not only are these heart shaped so automatically appropriate, they are embellished with gorgeous Czech glass pearls and only available in a limited quantity. Kind of like saying you’re one in a million, just don’t tell them it’s actually 1 in 50.

Occasion: Monday morning work call
Earrings Kala Earrings in Brass
The aim: Distract them with your jewellery

A statement earring can work wonders if you're trying to convince someone that you’re fully awake for your 9am conference call. Our Kala Earrings are made using a gorgeously reflective mirror brass, which has a stunningly shiny surface that catches the light beautifully. Get people to focus on your earrings rather than that coffee spill on your t-shirt.

Occasion: A job interview

Earrings: Selene Earrings

The aim: Look cool , calm and collected, even if you’re not

We all know the saying ‘dress for the job you want’. That’s what we’re going for here. When you’re feeling comfortable, you're both taken more seriously and you’re more confident in yourself, so if you have an interview, presentation or meeting with a new client, the Selene Earrings are a great choice. With mixed materials, they do all the talking but are sleek and sophisticated nonetheless. They come in at only 6.1g per earring, so you can wear them all day too.

Occasion: Virtual night out with friends
Earrings: Abstract Charm Hoops in Pink
The aim: Being ready for anything

When dressing for a big night out, it’s good to consider the need of a classic switcheroo. Just because you’re not actually all together, someone is bound to not get the memo 100% and have to adapt for the situation. If that happens to be you then you needn’t worry, you’ll be wearing the Abstract Charm Hoops, which are completely customisable. Keep only the brass charms for a monochrome look, or swap out the mother of pearl and acrylic pieces to put focus on the colourful painted wood.

There’s a never ending list of options, so when you’re inevitably asked the question ‘What are you wearing tomorrow?’ on your group chat, you’ll be ready for anything.

Occasion: A winter wedding 
Earrings: Cassia Earrings in MOP
The aim: Keeping it classy yet comfortable

Wearing white to a wedding is a no-no. No one wants to upstage the bride or groom. But there’s no rule against white earrings, right?

Our Cassia Earrings are made using a distinctive and luxurious mother of pearl veneer in an abstract shape that you won’t find anywhere else. As one of our largest earrings, they make a big visual impact, but are surprisingly lightweight. They’ll take you all the way from mimosas at 11am to the inevitable ‘Dancing Queen’ by someone’s drunk uncle at 11pm (thank you mute button).

Occasion: Sunday dinner with the family
Earrings: Peach Earrings
The aim: Reconnecting with your nearest and dearest

Most of us have probably spent more time away from our families than we ever have, and not being with the people we know best may mean a feeling of distance. A great way to show someone you love them is by getting them a gift they truly love, and now is a great time to look for hints about what family members are looking for for Christmas. Allude to your own earrings, explaining that they’re handmade and eco-conscious (recycled acrylic, did you know?) and see if they spark anyone’s interest. Then get ordering as soon as you hang up.

Occasion: Online class or workshop

Earrings: Oda Earrings

The aim: To show off your knowledge

In an online class, you're most likely meeting new people, so of course want to make a great first impression. In a ploy to easily become the teacher’ favourite, we recommend a pair of earrings from our Jesmonite collection. Handmade in small batches, creating one of a kind pieces everytime, the process is a great way to show your interest in craft and design, as well as make yourself as memorable as you can through the 8th of a screen people can see you in.

Have a read of Our Design Process: Jesmonite blog to learn all about how we do it.

We hope this has given you some inspiration on which pieces to wear on your next zoom calls. We love seeing how you style our pieces, so don’t forget to tag us (@wolfandmoonshop) on Instagram in any photos and we’ll repost a few of our favourites!

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