Top 10 Festival Essentials

Festivals are back in action after 2 years! Whether it's been a while since you last went to one, or you're a first timer - we've put together our top 10 must-haves from practical necessities to fun accessories for both day and overnight festivals. There's even a DIY project if you feel like making something of your own..

Scroll down to see our top 10 things to take to a festival and add them to your checklist!

1. Fans

Fans are an absolute must-have for a summer festival. We've found two options so you can choose whether you want to be handsfree and cool whilst dancing or look fabulous with one of these hand fans!

2. Waterproof Jacket

A lightweight rain jacket that folds up into a small pouch is essential for unpredictable weather - it's also an extra layer to keep you warm in the evenings!

3. SPF & Aftersun

Sun protection is a biggie at festivals as you're exposed to the sun for hours. We love this one by Hello Sunday as you can top up every few hours and spray it over your make-up. There's also the after baume by Glossier to help soothe your skin after harsh sun exposure.

4. Water Bottle/Phone Bag

Staying hydrated is key, especially where there's alchohol and sunshine involved! An easy way to have water on you at all times are with water bottle bags. And if you're looking for something fancier to keep your essentials with you at all times, we love this handmade crochet phone bag by Isla Risa.

5. A Portable Charger

A long lasting portable charger is a game changer - this one comes with two USB ports so that you can charge your neck fan at the same time - or charge a friend's phone!

6. First Aid Kit & A Torch

We found a festival kit that includes most of the essentials you'll need from plasters, earplugs and cotton swabs. We'd also recommend taking supplements like Berocca or 5-HTP to help balance your serotinin as well as some emergency paracetmol!

This compact torch and lantern is also handy for lighting in your tent.

8. A Festival Coat

If you're headed to a festival and it's not a heatwave - you may want to take something that'll keep you warm and cosy at night but also looks fabulous on. Out Of The Ordinary do these amazing vintage looking coats that would instantly add a statement to your look, or if you going for more glamour - the Rosa Bloom sequin robes are a great layering piece.

8. Festival Earrings

We couldn't not include our Shroom collection in this edit as we made them with festivals in mind! Add some dopamine accessories to your look with these fun, psychedelic pieces that are lightweight enough for you to wear all day and night.

9. Cameras

Capture all the good memories on a film or polaroid camera - they're so much more special than taking photos on your phone and it'll save your battery! Keep them in a bum bag or attached to your belt for easy access.

10. A Festival Stick

A DIY festival stick complete with lights so that not only will you look fabulous dancing but it's also super handy for your friends to find you in big crowds! Here's one that our founder Hannah made - see how you can make your own one stick here.

@wolfandmoonshop How to make a FABULOUS flower stick so your friends can find each other in a festival crowd! 💐Having one of these makes life SO much easier & less stressful.Of course you dont need to use fake flowers, just make sure your materials are super lightweight and not too damageable - you’ll be swinging it around ALOT. Would you take one of these to a festival?〰️#festivalfashion #festivalsurvival #crafting #diyprojectsideas #festivalaccessories #diymake #diycraft #makewithme ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim