W&M x Liv & Dom: In the Studio

Our newest collection is a collaboration with the wonderful twin-sister artists, Liv & Dom!

The collection includes a range of pieces from everyday hoops and necklaces to eye-catching statement pieces. Each piece is also modelled by Liv & Dom themselves!

Here's how the collection came together...

Liv & Dom's home studio in Lewes, UK

Liv & Dom made drawings for the pieces using recurring motifs in their work; florals, shells, nude figures etc. They were inspired by jewellery from the 20th century which often featured figures and natural elements with an illustrative quality.⁠⁠

The collection being made in our workshop

We then translated Liv & Dom's drawings into jewellery in the W&M style using our materials and making processes.

We wanted the collection to have a natural, earthy feel so used a mix of materials that reflected this, including brass, mother of pearl and walnut.

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot.

We were thrilled when Liv & Dom agreed to model the collection for us.

Hannah visited their beautiful home in Lewes and set up a mini photo studio with the twins using a hand-painted backdrop they had made especially for the shoot.

Persie getting involved!

Liv & Dom have also created us a very special illustrated postcard for us which we will be sending out with every order - we'll definitely be framing one of these!

Discover the collection here.

We'll be restocking on Thursday 3rd June, 7pm BST.