5 Reasons To Shop Small

As a small, independent brand, the support of our customers never goes unnoticed, especially over the holiday season. Our team works hard to design, make, distribute and market our products to give you unique and high quality jewellery all year round. But there are also other perks for shopping from a small brand like ours and the ones we stock.

Scroll down for 5 reasons why shopping small is the best shopping habit you can have!

1. More sustainable

Small brands have a tiny environmental footprint compared to large retailers. Designer/makers are closely involved with the manufacturing process which means they care more about materials and tend to operate with higher standards.

2. Support creativity, originality and craftsmanship
Small business owners run their business out of love and passion (it’s certainly not easy!). Not only will you be supporting someone’s dream, you are buying an original design, made in small quantities. If the small business didn’t make the item, they will often stock and support small designer/makers. A world without the diversity of small businesses would look pretty homogenous.
3. A more personal experience
Expect handwritten notes, beautifully wrapped packages and a more personal customer experience. Small businesses care about the small things just as much as they care about you. They may even be able to make you a custom order.
4. Support the local economy
Small businesses give back to the local community and your spend is much more likely to be recirculated locally. They will often work with other small businesses, helping to build a thriving community which boosts the local economy and provides jobs.
6. It will make you feel good!
There is value in knowing where your item has come from and the story behind it. If gifting the item, you can pass this on, spread the joy and help that small business flourish.

Ready to shop small? Click here for tips on how to get started supporting small and independent businesses.