Bluebella X Wolf & Moon

Introducing Bluebella, a London based independent lingerie brand that we've just discovered! We love how their style mixes femininity with a modern edge.
We got the chance to chat to Emily Bendell, Founder & CEO of Bluebella, and ask her a couple of questions about the importance of lingerie & accessories, her favourite elements of the design process, and what she's most looking forward to about SS16!
We've also chosen some of our favourite Bluebella pieces and paired them with our jewellery to bring you some styling inspiration this spring! Enjoy!
Where did the name 'Bluebella' come from?
"It was so hard choosing a name! I kept waiting for a eureka moment that never really came. But when the name Bluebella emerged I gradually grew to love it – the Bella meaning beautiful, the Bluebell element being very feminine and the Blue suggesting naughtiness."
Which is your favourite piece in your current collection?
"That is like asking me to choose between my children! But if I must – I love the Peyton group – it’s so beautifully soft and delicate and wearable whilst still being incredibly provocative and sexy."
What is your favourite part of the design process?
"Seeing the first sample – watching the concept come to life in physical form for the first time is incredibly exciting. And it’s the moment where you know whether it’s going to work or not. It’s rarely perfect first time – but you can see if it’s at the beginning of a journey or if it’s the end at that point."
Why do you think accessories and lingerie are important?
"I think both are incredibly evocative to most women. They are very personal purchases – indicative of personality, very intimate, things you wear against your skin. You would only buy jewellery or lingerie for a very close friend or a lover – because you have to really know the person very well indeed to make that choice for them."
What have you enjoyed most about the Bluebella x Wolf & Moon collaboration?
"The creativity of a new project. We love Wolf & Moon because of its modernity and seeing it complement the lingerie so well has been a delight."
Which is your favourite Wolf & Moon piece?
"Must I choose? I love the Column pieces’ industrial feel and the Fjord Collar necklace for a statement piece."
What are you most looking forward to about the summer ahead?
"Long afternoons with friends in beer gardens, pear cider & pimms, lazing in London’s parks."
What is your top accessory styling tip for SS16?
"Lingerie dressing of course! – it’s the perfect season to style up your lingerie as outerwear. If it’s too pretty to hide – why hide it?"