Zodiac Gift Guide - Leo

Leo season is in full swing! If you have a friend born between the 23rd July and the 22nd August, you should already know this, and gift buying should be on your radar if their birthday is still to come. But buying for this notoriously outspoken star sign can be a bit tricky. We’ve curated a list of items that we think are perfect presents for that friend who loves to be the centre of attention!

Leo’s are stereotypically enthusiastic about most things, and their zodiac chart is probably one of them. Keeping to the theme – our Eclipse Necklace and matching Studs would make an out of this world combination. The simple disc design is a great for every day and evening wear.

Leo’s are known for going for gold – born leaders and usually the life of the party, gold is definitely a safe bet. Our Shard Studs in Gold Glitter are perfect for a special occasion, and what’s more special than a summer birthday?!

Our Edie Necklace in Chartreuse is technically not gold (it's actually solid brass) but that doesn’t detract from it’s show stopping quality.

As well as Gold, the Leo zodiac is heavily linked to the colour purple which has connotations of passion and even royalty. The Silhouette Earrings in Lavender may be subtle in colour but have big personality.

Who doesn't want to be pampered on their birthday? This Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish lets the receiver know that they need to treat themselves, with a little extra help from mother nature.  

An item that is the gift and the gift wrap all in one! This Lilac Silk Leila Bunny Ear Scrunchie from Millie Saisons is worth celebrating in itself and makes an occasion out of any outfit, and Leo's will love the pop of purple!

If your friend is as obsessed with horoscopes as you, 'The Astrology of You and Me' from Anthropologie is sure to be a success! A great coffee table book that will solidify your friendship status.

Finally, our Cascade Hoops in Walnut have a pop of purple that gives the earrings that modern twist.

Receiving gifts is great, but giving is almost as fun. We hope this will help you find the perfect piece of jewellery to spoil someone with!