This Week's Discoveries

This week, we've found some great eco brands (sustainable swimwear, who knew?!), as well as a great podcast for film fanatics and feminists alike. We've been getting daily inspiration through our Instagram feeds and learning about queerness in the Muslim community too.

Image from Wikipedia

To listen to: The Bechdel Cast

Launching in 2016, the Bechdel Cast discussed films critiques against the Bechdel test, which looks at the role of female characters in regards to film dialogue. The podcast looks at famous films that are often unsurprisingly titled towards a male gaze. This is great for film fans, and opens up the conversation about feminism in Hollywood and global film.

Crystale Collins celebrates Black culture by gorgeously embroidering the likes of Beyonce, Nipsey Hussle and Lauryn Hill onto wearable t-shirts as well as cushions and bags. All styles are available on her Etsy shop, as well as DIY kits for anyone wanting to give embroidery a go!

To follow: @Janayathefuture

As an international ambassador of Black Lives Matter, Janaya is a great person to follow if you’re looking for ongoing conversations around race and inequality within today’s culture. We’ve been loving their IGTV conversations that get us thinking and inspired to keep the dialogue open both on and off social media.

To shop at: Mitra the label

Even though we may not be going on our usual holidays this summer, we can get our tan on in London with beautiful and sustainable swimwear from Mitra the Label. 88% of their swim suit material is upcyled and recyclable and they design with the body at the forefront of their design too, so products aim to fit all body sizes.

A certified California cool guy, most people who don’t know of Ryan Beatty’s solo work would recognise him from his work in collaboration with Brockhampton and Tyler the Creator. Beatty’s second album Dreaming of David came at the beginning of the year and it’s all on our summer playlist.

If quarantine has done anything, it’s made us addicted to online vintage shopping, anyone else? Aarica Nichole Vintage is a treasure trove of retro finds and upcycled products, ranging from 1960s knits to 1990s swimsuits.

Image from Mind the Cork

Image from Imaan London

To shop at: Mind the Cork

We’re all aware of sustainability within the fashion industry, but Mind the Cork are a reminder that the objects that we decorate our homes with can be sustainable too. Combining a craft of cork and incredible design, founder and designer Jenny Espirito Santo creates decorative objects, pots and card holders made from cork, a sustainable and renewable material.

To support: Imaan London

As UK's leading Muslim LGBTQ+ charity, Imaan London works to support people who identify as muslim and queer, as well as providing education and support for families, with a focus on dismantling myths and generational stereotypes of queer people in Muslim teachings.

We'll be back with more recommendations next week!